Tesla Pushes For Camera To Replace Car Mirrors

Automobiles are already reliant on computers and other types of technology, but Tesla is leading a push to actually replace side-mirrors with cameras.

Tesla Pushes For Camera To Replace Car MirrorsTesla, along with the 12 members of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers are looking to replace the physical mirrors with cameras in order to improve fuel efficiency by making the cars more aerodynamic.

As with anything that sticks to the side of a car, physical mirrors definitely force a car to be working against a great force, meaning that the automobiles use more fuel.

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers has filed a petition with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that would allow manufacturers to replace mirrors with cameras. Already, the NHTSA has included a mandate for back-up cameras in its requirements. The mandate will require the cameras to be installed in all 2018 model-year vehicles.

Although there are many things that go into making a fuel-efficient vehicle, the Volkswagon XL1 (for example) has a record-breaking 235 mpg fuel economy. Unfortunately, one of the components of the car is cameras instead of mirrors which means that Volkswagon cannot sell it in the US.

The Alliance is petitioning NHTSA to allow automakers to remove side-view mirrors and replace them with cameras that may expand side vision while increasing fuel efficiency, – Auto Alliance

Cameras are already becoming commonplace in many new cars, with some going as far as to help drivers stay within the lanes or park their vehicle. However, the current standards still require side-mirrors.

The rule that has been in place regarding side-mirrors dates back to 1968, so at this point, it should at least be up for debate.

Even though there may some concerns regarding the use of cameras instead of mirrors, there are also quite a few ways that they would allow a driver to more accurately see what is on either side of the vehicle. Plus, given the current state of our environment, improving fuel efficiency should be a top priority for any auto manufacturer.

Question – Would you like to see cameras replace traditional mirrors?


Summary: Tesla is leading a petition to gain permission to replace side-mirrors with cameras. The NHTSA will have to approve the motion before manufacturers can make the change.

image credit: motortrend