5G Race
Image: Pixabay.com

There was a time when people didn’t even have smartphones, and this was not too long ago. Today, people not only have smartphones but can easily access the web using their phones. This has drastically transformed various fields, including education, health, and society in general.

The move from 1G to 4G has also been quite fast to the point that internet speed is really fast these days. As if 4G is not yet enough, the race is now moving towards 5G. The fifth generation is already expected between now and 2020. This new generation promises speed of up to 10 gigabytes per second which is 50 times faster than 4G.

This could mean a lot to consumers. We will soon find smart cities where everyone has internet access. This also means a lot for the driverless car technology. Even healthcare can be vastly improved with this technology. Of course, this comes with a challenge, but we are heading towards the right direction.

Better viewing

More and more people are watching videos through their phones these days. The only problem is that slow internet speed could hamper viewing. With 5G, ultra-high definition viewing using tablets and smartphones is possible. Even if there are a lot of people using the technology in the area, it won’t affect the quality of what is being viewed. The super-high strength signals also carry a good amount of data that cannot be easily interrupted.

Lower cost

Perhaps, this is the biggest benefit consumers will experience. There will be changes when it comes to how the antennas and cables are fixed to come up with stronger signals. Small-sized antennas will be used, and they will be packed together. As a result, more powerful networks will be created at a cost that is a lot cheaper. Wireless services will also reach buildings at a faster rate than before. Dense cities can definitely benefit from this.

Quality service

As the race for 5G technology increases, the race to grab the market also becomes more aggressive. Internet service providers will no longer just bank on internet speed to gain the attention of many people. They also have to ensure quality service. There should be no interruptions. The signal should be strong even if the person is traveling. People can easily jump to a different internet service provider if quality service is not provided.

Increased security

The problem with public Wi-Fi is that it is totally unsecured. You can have your data breached or hacked when connecting to these networks. The good thing is that you can use the best VPN for smartphones to ensure that no one can interrupt your connection and steal your data. With 5G though, security in the use of the internet will be increased. Despite that, the use of a VPN is still a good way to protect yourself.

It is not yet clear which country will reach success in this technology first or which specific company. The point is that this will surely change the game and we should all look forward to it.