The Best Open Source Purchase Management by O2b Technologies 01

The purchase management process states the purchasing of goods and services for your business with budget approval, bidding procedure, selection of proper vendors, confirming PO, receiving the shipment, getting vendor bills, and paying the vendor.

The purchasing process is complicated, and firms need a robust solution to process the overall functions seamlessly.

O2b Technologies provides advanced purchase management software to assist enterprises in managing their procurement processes. They offer open-source purchase order management software that assists clients in streamlining the entire process, from budgeting to picking the correct vendor, creating RFQs, confirming POs, receiving shipments, managing vendor bills, and paying suppliers. Additionally, this tool streamlines the buying process, increasing operational efficiency.

Automate Purchasing Workflow

The purchase process can be automated to save time and make the process more efficient. Let’s take a look at the procurement software from O2b Technologies’ automation features:

  • Their procurement management software allows you to submit RFQs (requests for quotations) to vendors based on your inventory levels.
  • This system features reordering rules that make automation easier; these rules are based on stock levels, sales orders buy, MTOs, and other factors that ultimately save time.
  • When you set these criteria, the purchasing management software will raise the RFQ for products with low stock levels automatically.
  • This purchasing management solution assists you in avoiding unpleasant situations such as running out of goods or overstocking.
  • It ensures on-time delivery of products to the customers.
  • It helps to get clarity on the quality and quantity of the received products.


  • Vendor Pricing Lists & Product Offerings: Comparing vendor price lists will help you make smarter purchasing decisions.
  • Product Management Made Simple and Efficient: With this program, you can add as many items as you like to the system and manage them all effectively.
  • Processing of RFQs and Purchase Orders: Create RFQs manually or have them raised automatically if the procurement rules are defined.
  • Vendor Bill & Payment: By using the purchase order system, users will be able to better handle vendor bills and payments.
  • Other ERP Modules Integration: This open-source purchase order management software can be combined with additional modules like inventory, sales, accounting, and delivery to provide more advanced features and functions. Integration with other programs makes the buying process more automated.

Choose O2b Technologies for your Purchase Management Software

Choosing O2b Technologies as your system partner is the finest option you can make for your company. They provide the best purchase order software and ensure to match your business requirements within the scheduled time and specified budget.

As the top Open Source service provider, O2b Technologies provides complete before, during, and post support services to its customers efficiently and effectively.

The team consists of:

Developers (front end, back end, mobile app, etc. ), quality analysts, project managers, and other skilled specialists, including both technical and functional consultants.

  • A track record of 1000+ installations in 50+ countries.
  • Integrations with third-party apps are a specialty of O2b Technologies.
  • In the Open Source service provider community, they are trustworthy and well-known.
  • O2b Technologies specialists have an in-depth understanding of the market, they can provide the greatest software features to maximize the product’s efficiency. Furthermore, even the best implementation experts will only teach you how to use the solution to its maximum potential.
  • It is a good fit for all sizes and all kinds of businesses.
  • They provide an open communication platform for direct interaction between the user and the expert.
  • They are having both technical and functional consultants to assist you in determining the optimal solutions for your company.