The Best Roof for High Winds - Three Types of Roofing Materials That Can Survive

Roof for High Winds: Which Type of Roof Is Best for Hurricanes

The weather has been getting more aggressive and unpredictable recently, and the chances are that it will get worse due to climate change. You need to have a solid and durable roof to hide under for when the going gets tough. Not every roofing style can bear the pressure that comes with hurricanes and storms.

Another problem is that many of us forget that roofs require maintenance just like the rest of the house. When the lifespan of the roof’s material comes to an end, we are met with expensive problems. Only a roof that is built with quality material and receives proper maintenance can survive the harshest weather.

Coastal Areas Need More Attention

Some areas are more prone to hurricanes than others. These usually include coastal areas. The problem that many people face living near the sea is that humidity and natural disasters are more likely to damage their houses, especially roofs. Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, and Louisiana are 4 major states where you will commonly see blown-off rooftops.

Coastal cities are prone to natural wind disasters. Hence, people living here should pay more attention to the type of roof they need.

Which One Is Best for You?

The areas where hurricanes are common are prone to hailstorms as well. To find a roof that will protect you from both hailstorms and windstorms, look for materials with the highest impact and wind ratings based on the standards published by ASTM International. Check the resistance to impact based on the standards of Underwriters Laboratory Test UL 2218.

Here is a brief explanation about different roofing systems so that you can understand which one will suit you better.

Metal Roofing

Roofing materials don’t always have to be pretty or glamorous. They are essential for the survival and safety of your house, which is why their quality is what matters the most. If you live in a hurricane-prone state, getting a strong and durable roof should be your first priority.

Metal roofing is the best option not only for this purpose but for all homeowners who want to have an extremely durable and long-lasting roof (via Legacy Service USA – Mount Laurel roofing company).

It is cheaper than wooden roofing and offers warranties. Maintaining it is also easier. Metal roofing offers some of the best protection against hurricanes. It can protect you from high winds going up to 140 mph. Considering that category four hurricanes range up to 156 mph, it is quite a good deal.

Another reason for choosing metal roofs is that they offer resistance against fire and offer longer durability. However, with time, the metal will eventually lose its effectiveness against high winds.

Wood Shakes

Cedar shake roofs are most popular in some areas of Florida because of their high stability and durability. They are also preferred on the northern coastline of the United States. The main reason for their popularity is their property of holding solid ground against saltwater.

Cedar shake haves the capacity to withstand winds going up to 245 mph. Furthermore, the beauty of the woodwork is an additional benefit. You can also treat the wood to resist burning and insect infestation, but that will cost you more (via Mount Laurel division of the Better Business Bureau).

However, the reason why many people don’t choose to have a wooden roof is that it is quite expensive. Moreover, it requires a lot of routine maintenance and cedar shakes last only for a short period of 40 years. This is only an estimate figure. In reality, it will last between 20 and 30 years. It may sound a lot, but you will find out how short that duration is once you pay that huge amount of money.

Clay/Concrete and Slate Tiles

Clay tile roofs are commonly found in Florida. You will see many orange clay tiles with stucco siding in the state. They can come in other colors as well. The plus point about clay and ceramic tiles is that they can be easily recycled and have fire-resistant properties.

Clay tiles are one of the best options for people living on coastlines because they do not get damaged from saltwater. Also, they can resist winds going up to 100+ mph. They can last 50 to 100 years very easily. They need proper installation, but once done, you will get 30 years of warranty. This makes it quite a good deal.

Slate tiles have an even longer lifespan than clay tiles. They can last up to 100 years easily. Plus, you get 50 years of warranty with them (via “top 10 best Mount Laurel NJ Roofing Contractors, Angie’s List”).

There are two main differences between these two types of tiles. The first factor that needs consideration is that the weight of slate tiles is far higher than any other roofing material. Another difference is that clay tiles allow more airflow so that the water barrier can breathe better.

On the downside, these tiles can be fragile in the face of high force. Also, their cost of installation can be extremely high.

The reason why these tiles can be a good option is their durability. Slate tiles are especially durable and can bear the pressure of hailstorms better than any other option.


There are many other roofing materials available as well, but the ones mentioned above are the top choices. Remember to always check the class of the material according to the ASTM International standards before deciding on anything.