The Cloud Excellence Framework Five Fundamentals for Success

The “Cloud Excellence Framework” is a comprehensive framework I developed to help organizations achieve success in the cloud.  It came about while I was the Americas CIO at a FTSE 100 company and had been tasked with developing a complete cloud program from scratch.  The Cloud Excellence Framework was the result of that work.  The framework is made up of five key areas, each of which is essential for achieving your goals in the cloud:


A clear and compelling vision is necessary to guide the organization’s cloud journey and provide direction for decision-making. Without a vision, confusion and lack of direction can impede progress.


The necessary skills and expertise must be in place to effectively utilize cloud technologies and services. Without the appropriate skills, anxiety and uncertainty can hinder progress.


Incentives are necessary to motivate and engage stakeholders in the cloud initiative. Without the appropriate incentives, resistance and lack of buy-in can impede progress.


Adequate resources, including budget, personnel, and technology, must be in place to support the cloud initiative. Without the appropriate resources, frustration and delays can impede progress.

Action Plan:

A well-defined action plan is necessary to guide the implementation of the cloud initiative and ensure progress. Without a clear action plan, false starts and lack of progress can impede progress.

Each of these five areas must be addressed and integrated to ensure a successful cloud initiative. Together, they provide a comprehensive framework for achieving cloud excellence.

Born blind, Clinton Henry is known for his insightful and engaging talks and writings on how to accelerate cloud transformations within your business.  Clinton developed the Cloud Excellence Framework and has spent over two decades as a leader in the cloud space, both as a senior leader within multi-national organizations, as well as an external consultant acting as a dramatic change agent.  He writes at