The Evolution of Virtual iGaming

Gambling providers are becoming an increasingly more popular choice among many customers across the world.

Their success is primarily due to their willingness and investment to continuously evolve. In turn, enhancing their offering to keep existing customers hooked and influence new customers to sign up.

For example, since the online casinos’ emergence in the early nineties, it has welcomed and implemented numerous technological advancements to aid in its success, such as;

  • Benefiting from the invention and popularity of touch screen smartphones and tablets, which allow mobile users to gamble from anywhere
  • While also introducing mobile-optimized websites and casino apps to improve the user-friendly gambling experience
  • Making use of unlimited digital space to fund and purchase new casino gaming varieties to expand gaming libraries
  • Maximizing the casino audiences’ desire to socialize by providing in-game chat options and, in some instances, personalized avatars and emoticons.
  • Profiting from faster internet connections, such as 4g and 5g, which facilitates faster, fluid online gambling experiences without interruptions
  • Utilizing sophisticated data collection software to create detailed profiles of casino customers, and in turn, offer a personalized gaming experience to increase engagement.
  • Installing live casinos on casino sites to give customers another immersive and exciting way to play games such as roulette and blackjack with a real dealer.
  • Installing live poker on poker sites, like 888 online poker,  to give customers another immersive and exciting way to play the game with a real dealer.

And as both casino operators and poker providers pursue the next best technology to take their gaming offering to new heights, virtual reality is firmly in their sights.

VR Gaming

Those familiar with VR gaming will know that kits such as VR headsets, like the oculus rift, allow players to immerse themselves into a 3D gaming world.

Here players can often interact with the virtual world by moving their heads and body.

Examples of current popular VR games include Star Wars Squadrons, Pistol Whip, and Half-Life.

In the future, its anticipated lifelike VR Casino games will also join the ranks.

The VR Casino

For some insight into what players will be able to do when entering a VR casino, here are a few of the features:

  • With the assistance of a VR headset, players will be able to walk the virtual casino floor. Which will be decorated with the usual luxury interiors and games a player would find in a land-based casino.
  • Dealers will tend each table game with which players can interact.
  • Casino music and sounds, such as slot machine jingles and customers chatting, will reflect the atmosphere of a real casino.
  • Players can select a table game to join and make other intricate decisions associated with attending a real casino, such as choosing their seats at the table and socializing with other players.
  • Moreover, in true casino form, there will likely be a bar for people to congregate, sip a virtual drink, and mingle to pass the time with the assistance of the in-game chat.

The Future of the VR Casino

Initial concepts for VR date back to the 1800s. As such, a lot of the credit for VR technology today is due to inventors’ and engineers’ extensive work over the past two centuries.

However, despite its incredible progression over time, today’s VR technology is still considered in its infancy, with lots of room to improve.

As such, today, the availability of VR casinos is sparse. But as successful casinos increasingly recognize the significance VR will have in the future of gaming. As a result, more providers will be inclined to invest in creating a competitive VR casino experience.

Current VR improvements developers are working on include enhancing visuals by focusing on intricate details that make the gamer’s experience real to life.

Furthermore, researching and experimenting with VR to improve one of its prevailing issues – motion sickness.

Intentions of the VR Casino

The main goal for VR casinos is to replicate the land-based casino experience in 3D digital form. But, in addition, to reach and engage a broader audience and give customers newer, better ways to play that fits in with their interests, lifestyle, and gaming expectations.

For instance, a few alluring advantages of playing VR casino games instead of attending a land-based casino gaming will include;

  • no need to travel to the casino,
  • or wear specific attire,
  • or arrive within the designated opening hours.

As a result, VR casinos give players more freedom and flexibility to partake in casino life without the drawbacks associated with a land-based casino.

Furthermore, while VR casinos are expected to be a fascinating and much-loved phenomenon in the future. It’s unlikely to take over all other casino gaming options, such as land-based play, screenplay, and live casinos. The reasons being;

  • Casino gaming variations have different advantages and attractions that entice players.
  • The casino games people play will depend on what devices they have access to.

For instance, some might prefer the hustle and bustle and realness of a physical casino. And love seeing the sights and sounds of iconic casino destinations in-person, such as Las Vegas.

Whereas those yet to purchase a VR headset may be content with playing the live casino on their mobile phones wherever they choose.

Moreover, just as access and affordability to mobile devices have increased over time. Eventually, VR headsets will gradually become more affordable to the masses. Thus, increasing the opportunity for VR equipment owners to join a virtual casino in the future.  

In conclusion, the advancement and introduction of VR casinos in the future are imminent. However, VR casinos are unlikely to take over other casino options. But instead, complement the sector by providing a new and fascinating way for casino lovers to play their favorite games.