3D digital cameras, 3D TV, 3D jewelry displays, 3D Home Run Derby 2010. It seems these days that there may be no escape from projectile screen images and talk of moving 2D into a new dimension.

Entertainment Weekly’s Josh Rottenberg just posted an editorial on the fate of 3D movies, and now Murray Pannel, the head of marketing for Ubisoft has taken the game to a completely new level.

The emergence of 3D will “start slowly this year, but like high definition television, I wouldn’t rule out the fact that this will be installed in everyone’s living room in three year’s time,” Pannel told technology website IT Pro Portal.

While we’re doubtful that everyone will own their piece of the 3D hardware dream by 2013, a long list of major corporations seem to be on board with the movement.

Sony just announced the world’s smallest 3D camera and committed to 3D Blu-ray for the PlayStation 3 in September, LG is ready for a full fledged push into 3D, and Nintendo is planning the launch of 3DS, a console that let’s users play games in 3D without using glasses.

It looks like this time 3D might be here to stay.