The Latest Tech in Garage Doors

Technology can make tedious tasks easier. Case in point- you can now press a remote button or an app on your smartphone to open, close and monitor the status of your garage door.

Services such as garage door replacement Glendale AZ are now more efficient and can get the job done much faster than ever. That said, here are a few more advancements in the garage door niche:

Garage Doors Powered by Solar

New automotive tech has created the electric car, which uses electricity on stored power banks as its ‘fuel’. As solar panels become cheaper and plentiful, we can add solar-powered garage doors to the mix.

This home improvement is versatile as it is useful. You can fit in solar panels that collect the sun’s rays and won’t require batteries. During evenings, you can use the stored energy to charge your electric car, run a few appliances and more.

Better Insulation

Insulating your garage door is important not only for energy efficiency but for other reasons as well. You’ll want to keep out the elements, e.g., snow, dust and pests while keeping your home temperature in optimal levels.

Technology used in manufacturing industries can make for improved and cheaper insulating materials that can keep the warm in and the cold out. R-value on developed insulators are much higher compared to traditional material, and they’re much quieter as well.

Smarter Garage Doors

It’s not unusual to connect most of your appliances, such as your thermostat, HVAC and yes, garage doors to the Internet of Things and control them all under an app. Once connected, you can have your garage door open or close on schedule, lock or unlock as you head out or come home and combine it with other devices such as your CCTV, lighting and others.

When combined, smart technology can automate most house tasks and make life much easier.​​​​​​