The phenomenon of e-sports in middle school

TV and computer games have changed from fun to serious about the e-sports phenomenon: Forget rainy days on a soccer field or ice-cold hockey room, future sports will take place directly on your computer with a mouse, keyboard, and hand control over of clubs and balls. With this, opportunities for training and professional learning in various states are now also open through e-sports education in high school.

E-sports are new and young players and education is related even younger. More schools have started to follow the trend and are now investing in new sports. Basically, some of the principles used are the same as those of online casinos. Click here to find the equation.

Many different games provide variations

Because e-sports is still in its young phase, many question marks are created that need to be removed. The biggest misconception is that everyone plays the same game. When we distribute traditional sports such as hockey, tennis and golf, e-sports is also divided among several different games. The biggest games in e-sports are currently dominated by the most popular computer games: (First-Person-Shooter, ex. Overwatch, and CS: GO), MOBA (Multiplayer-Online-Battle-Arena, ex League of Legends and Dota 2) and RTS (Real-Time Strategies, for example Starcraft 2). The many different games and genres offer enormous variations that require completely different specializations and tactics for the players.

One of the fastest growing sports

Why do you want to watch someone playing computer games? Imagine two teams sitting on a stage in a busy arena. The physical audience is only a small part of the audience, throughout the world people sit in front of their computers watching each program with a burning passion. The smallest mistake of anyone in law would be to their detriment, their teammates and their organization’s prestigious title and lots of money.

You read correctly

E-sports is currently one of the fastest growing sports in the world. A tournament can sponsor anything, from generous spending to hundreds of millions of dollars. We are seeing more and more giant companies like Samsung, HTC, Red Bull and Intel investing in e-sports laws. League betting and fantasy have become a natural part of electronic sports culture. It’s impossible to argue that e-sports will be a temporary sensation, but it’s time for us to look at sports for what has evolved into: transformative social trends.

Constant training

With the growth of e-sports and new placements found in the community, more and more schools are now choosing to offer e-sports education as an additional option in senior secondary education. E-sports, like all other sports, require special equipment and training, which is provided by various schools that offer training. Often there are rooms with the technical equipment needed, in the form of computers and monitors. Together with others who learn training, you train to learn the tactics and strategies needed to defeat your opponent. It also includes special training that focuses both physically and mentally, and also on injury and diet.

Limited number of seats

As e-sports popularity increases, so does the pressure on e-sports education, which results in fierce competition for places in college. Because many programs don’t require any e-sports experience from you as a student before you begin, the only thing that can help you fight for a place is your grades. Some schools want to see you have previous experience, so it might be a good idea to play a lot before middle school. So, if you want to enter e-sports education, try your hardest to achieve good and high grades and try learning about e-sports together. Good luck!