The Power of Artificial intelligence in Content Writing


The concept behind generating a written content is fast evolving, most especially now that an article rewrite tool that is powered by Artificial Intelligence could do away with a lot of the stress a writer may have to undergo.

If you have a sound belief that many of the things we do manually, will eventually become automated sooner or later (if not already), you’ll probably believe that the future is already far reaching us because artificial intelligence (AI) has already given content creators a new life.

It might interest you to learn that some of the world class media organizations including the Reuters, Yahoo, Washington Post, and the New York Times etc, have employed AI as a means of generating contents for their respective agencies.

Let me give you a brief example; The Association Press (media organization) was now able to generate up to 30,000 loads of localized stories in just a month, with the power of AI.

AI-Powered Paraphrasing Tools

Reword tool could do many awesome things when crafted over artificial intelligence.You remember those days when you get a content rewritten using a rewrite tool or any other article rewording tool that got you reading the piece in jargons right?

Well, too many efforts have been made to rid those robotic inconsistencies, so here comes a new era of an article reword tool crafted out of AI.

Big companies are already using AI to extend the quality of contents generated, look at tools like the Semrush writing assistant and the popular Grammarly, these tools does not only help writers to optimize the quality of their contents, but also help to bring out the best skills out of the less experienced writers.

Reading Contents Written With the Help of AI

It’s possible that you’ve read so many contents written or rewritten by an AI algorithm without actually realizing that the writer wasn’t a human, unlike when you read that of a common reword tool.

However, thanks to the twin technologies that power content writing automation; Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG), because the key successes were achieved through these robust technologies.

The first speaks of a program that’s able to recognize human speech and then retrieve those information in form of text; a good example is the Google Voice Typing tool, which collects sound inputs and then transform them into words.

While the latter (i.e NLG) speaks about a technology used in restructuring the data provided by NLP into narrative contexts, actually without any writer’s effort.

With this, the NLP technology is able to provide a fictitious or freshly developed write-up from the scratch, by just understanding some terms from the data it was provided with, such as a topic or few sentences.

AI has now made reword tool websites to provide a more precise content, and its shortcomings were also mitigated by the user’s behavior due to its machine learning capability.


We’ve just discussed in brief, the power of AI in Content Writing. However, I’ll love to wrap things up by letting you know that no matter the content you write or the stories you publish, chances are that a machine can help you do it even better.