Many of us have old technology lying around in our junk drawers or stored on closet shelves. What should you do with it all? Instead of throwing those useless cell phones, broken tablets, or outdated computers in the trash, you can utilize one of these four convenient methods to dispose of your old technology.

Sell It

With Amazon Trade-In, you can sell a wide variety of old electronics such as cell phones, tablets, Blu-ray players, and streaming media players. The items must be in good condition, which means this service does not accept broken devices. Amazon covers all shipping costs, and there are no fees associated with listing the item. You’ll receive payment in the form of an Amazon gift card.

Another way to sell your old tech is to use Mercari, a smartphone app that enables you to sell or buy almost anything. Once you download the app, selling your items is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. List the item along with a description and photos.
  2. Set the asking price, which includes the shipping fee.
  3. Once purchased, you must pack the device, attach the label, and mail it to the buyer.

It’s important to note that you should always delete any personal data that is stored on used technology. T-Mobile provides easy-to-follow instructions for resetting your iPhone to its factory settings. If you want to transfer your T-Mobile account to the new iPhone owner, you can do so without facing any early-termination fees. Would you rather keep your account? You can link it with a new iPad or iPhone. Alternatively, you could buy a used phone — most unlocked devices from other carriers will work on the T-Mobile network.

An image of a girl on a computer
Image via Flickr by US Department of Education

The World Computer Exchange is an international non-profit organization that works closely with more than 450 partner organizations. Its purpose is to close the digital gap for youth in developing countries, and it tries to stay environmentally responsible by promoting the reuse and recycling of used electronics. Check out their website to find a local chapter near you where you can donate your old working computers.

Computers with Causes repairs and refurbishes donated technology such as computers, laptops, and tablets. It then donates the restored electronics to other charitable programs.

You can also contact the National Cristina Foundation, a non-profit organization that makes it easy to find local schools, public agencies, and charities in need of donated technology. It donates gently used items to help train people with disabilities, at-risk students, and the economically disadvantaged.

Recycle It

Local recycling programs often take used electronic devices. Depending on their resources, they may only take specific types of technology, so make sure to check their website or call ahead before you drop off your old devices.

Best Buy is known to have one of the best recycling programs for old and used technology. Besides computers and cell phones, it also accepts small tube TVs, Bluetooth headsets, and used software.

Office Depot/Office Max provides a straightforward method for recycling your unused items. Purchase a Tech Recycling Service Box, and pack as many electronics in it as possible. Bring it to any retail store for drop-off and inspection.

Repurpose It

According to U.S. Law, all cell phones must have the capability of dialing 911, even without a wireless plan. You can use your old cell phone, even a flip phone, as a 911 emergency-only phone.

You can also create unique jewelry. With so many tiny and intricate pieces inside dated computers and broken down tablets, why not turn these technological parts into a gorgeous piece that no one else will ever own?

Consider building everyday household items with those old pieces of tech. Make free-standing art, clocks from computer parts, or Christmas ornaments from old CDs. Try perusing Pinterest for more inspiration.

As you can see, there are many ways to take care of obsolete technology in your home. It’s nice to know that just because something is broken, that does not mean the only solution is to throw it away.

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