Yes, as you probably already know, Apple yesterday delivered its best ever quarterly results. In fact, giant oil companies with oligopoly market control of finite fossil fuel resources have never made this much money. So, is Tim Cook the best CEO ever or what?

Apple reported a profit of $18 billion on revenue of $69 billion for its first fiscal quarter of 2015, which ended December 27. The power behind those stellar numbers were 74.5 million iPhones — nearly 10 million more than Wall Street guesstimates — and 5.5 million Macs.

“This volume was hard to comprehend,” CEO Tim Cook said during the company’s regular analyst conference call. “34,000 iPhones sold per hour, 24 hours a day, every day of the quarter.

Just a few years ago, some Wall Streeters and Apple fans were baying for Tim Cook’s blood. Many at the time, and perhaps a few still do, thought Cook was wrecking Apple.

Best CEO Ever: Better than Steve?

Now, however, it can be argued with some authority that not only hasn’t Tim Cook wrecked Apple, but that Tim Cook is actually the best CEO in history. Really, although you can count these things in different ways, Apple is the world’s biggest smartphone maker, number tablet make, number one media player manufacturer, number one PC vendor and, without any doubt, the world’s richest company.

There is no question that the best iPhone ever is the iPhone 6. More than a few people argue that the new Retina iMac is the best Mac ever, as well.

But, do these things make Tim Cook the CEO ever? A better CEO than Steve Jobs? Those are interesting questions worthy of “civil” discussion…

What’s your take?

Via GigaOM

  1. Bill Parcells, famous football coach, once famously said that “you are what your record says you are.” By that measure, Mr. Cook is the best CEO ever.

  2. That kind if profit is expected when your devices are over priced. And also basically having an iOS monopoly. Also, if other OEMS had iOS devices then they wouldn’t make that all that money

  3. Obviously, the iPhone is not overpriced if 74 million people are willing to pay it. As far as a monopoly, what do expect? That out of the goodness of their hearts, Apple will give away iOS to other manufacturers? Your statements are so clueless, there’s no point trying to refute them. It would be a waste of energy. But you go ahead and keep spewing mindless drivel that adds nothing to the conversation.

  4. @coopere Apple products aren’t the commodity garbage you are used to. Simply because you lack the eye to see doesn’t mean Apple products lack the value you fail to comprehend.

  5. No HP is #1 in the traditional PC space, but add in tablet sales and Apple is far and away the biggest computer company. So there.

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