Galaxy Note 2 Alternative Sony Xperia TX

I’ll be the first to admit that we’ve been so caught up on the top Android smartphones from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 2 and the SIII, that we sometimes neglect that there are other cool new devices coming from other manufacturers. Case in point, the device we’re featuring today is a delicious premium device from Sony — the Xperia TX.

Galaxy Note 2 Alternative Sony Xperia TX

Say what you will about Sony but they’re one of the few smartphone manufacturers that still try to take risks with their designs end up producing some of the nicest looking phones in the market. Fortunately for the Xperia TX, it has inherited the Xperia line’s stylish genes. The slim form factor combined with the curved-glass front gives the device a look that would fit perfectly in a boardroom or wherever it is that cool kids hang out.

The Sony Xperia TX was unveiled during the Sony press conference at last month’s IFA 2012 event and will be Sony’s new high-end Android device. For those curious as to what kind of specs this new sexy phone from Sony has, you’ll be glad to know that it the Xperia TX gets a generous 4.6-inch display 720 HD display that’s powered by Sony’s own Mobile Bravia Engine, a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor,  1 GB RAm and 16 GB for storage, expandable via microSD which can handle up to an additional 32 GB. The Sony Xperia TX also has a 13 MP shooter that trumps what the Galaxy Note 2 has to offer and seems to be the new standard rear camera specs for any upcoming Android device.

Could the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy SIII be in danger of being unseated as the top dogs of the Android domain? Will the Sony Xperia TX be the one to do it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Is it a single core processor? And only has 1 GB RAM? And the MP size of a camera is not the only factor in deciding a great picture. 13 MP only means huge file sizes that consume data when posting or emailing or uploading. It is an attractive phone and I do like a dedicated camera button. How is Sony’s update history though?

  2. Sprint doesn’t carry Sony devices 🙁 I’ve been thinking a lot about it recently, upgrading from my Moto Photon. I did get sucked up in the hype of the Note 2, but really, I don’t need a screen that big. I believe I’ll be going with the S3 unless a new device is announced soon.

  3. May be if it had 2GB RAM, 3000 MaH battery and a reasonable price…! As things stand now, Sony has just the 13MP camera without any special tricks similar to Lumia 920 or Iphone 5

  4. Another one of those pointless devices that claims to be 4.6inch and then uses 0.3 inches or so with the buttons?

    Rather a Samsung where a 4.6 or 5.5 inch screen is actually that and they somehow miraculously manage to put the buttons on the large unused area below the screen but I’m sure the XPERIA logo is super important there.

  5. ’13MP’ meaning huge file sizes using more data to upload is a null argument against such a feature. Different features mean different things to different people depending on their priorities and preferences. Case in point, I’m photocentric and prefer a good camera with the ability to capture more detail regardless of file size since I might want to print rather than view on only a phone screen. The Nokia 808 would be ideal if that was all I cared about. Whatsapp, Viber and such apps automatically reduce images to a manageable size for upload and if you take shots to upload via Facebook, you can reduce the size in the camera options before you start shooting. Nothing’s wrong with having more with the option to select less, as opposed to less with no option for more.

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