Tips for an Efficient Whiteboard Session

Whiteboarding sessions are highly recommended for brainstorming as well as efficient collaboration with team members. They enhance creativity and make content extremely appealing and easier to understand. A collaborative whiteboard is common in offices and everyone is well-aware of its functioning, however, there are some tips that can boost your experience of using whiteboards in meetings.

Whiteboarding session

A whiteboarding session is the meeting done with a dry erase board in an office environment. Whiteboard meetings allow the team members to distantly draw, modify, edit content (picture or text) on a board during a meeting and this is not it! It helps to make the members explain their perspective by means of a written tool even from a distant location.

How is a whiteboard great for a team?

Generate meaningful content

Some meetings require using all your abilities. When you think of laying out new procedures or finding the next step for product design for instance, whiteboard boosts more creative thinking in comparison to a traditional meeting. The interactive nature of whiteboarding meetings augments group collaborations, keeps the participants engaged to create lasting impressions.

Step up normal meeting styles

White boards are the best alternative to approach meetings and projects in an innovative way, offering new insights. You can also get higher group collaboration by choosing multiple participants to take turns to use the whiteboard to explain their perspective. Using different color markers, different texts and picture support, you can make the whiteboarding session more appealing and switch up old meeting styles.

Tips for efficient whiteboarding sessions:

Concentrate on your goals

The most efficient meetings have a well-defined meeting agenda and goal. In order to set the meeting tone, write down your goals, purpose of the meeting and problems that need to be solved on top of the whiteboard to keep everyone focused. While using the whiteboard, keep the goals at the top of the board as a reminder to help you keep your concentration focused on the topic.

Write clear

Begin your meeting by removing anything irrelevant to the meeting from the whiteboard. Only keep useful content on the whiteboard to reduce the visual clutter. Also ensure you take time to clearly and neatly write your content on the whiteboard. Having an illegible mess on the board will distract the participants.

Organize ideas

As ideas pour in, the whiteboard may get cluttered. So, try to organize the ideas into organized categories, sections to make the content simple to understand. Segmenting the content will help you get a visual aid to meet participants and keep the meetings moving in a good direction.

Connect all the members of the group

Collaborative whiteboard is a great tool for group discussions and collaborations but it is important to connect all the members over a video conference or call. Make sure no obstruction hinders the camera’s view. It is important for everyone in the meeting to see clearly and participate actively in the session by using effective video conferencing solutions to aid digital whiteboarding.