With a membership of about a billion subscribers, Instagram presents a formidable business opportunity. It’s no wonder that businesses, whether small or large yearn for the highest number of Instagram followers possible. How can you get more and more followers in your account? Consider the following 10 tips.

Top 10 Tips to Get Free Instagram followers

1. Share Compelling Content
Content for contents sake is a big no. Great and compelling content gets your primary audience talking, commenting, liking and sharing it with friends. It is from
this secondary friends and friends of friend that you will get more followers and likes.

2. Use Relevant Hashtags
These will make your posts discoverable by people who are searching for the kind of content related to your product, service or brand. Only remember to stick to the rules of using this hashtags on Instagram.

3. Promote your Instagram Account on other Social Media Platforms
This works well if you’ve already amassed a following in other social media networks. Share a link to your Instagram account and encourage your followers in those other platform to check it out and react to your posts. This will have a ripple effect as their friends and followers will get notice of your posts. As long as the content resonates with them you will get an increasing chunk of followers.

4. Post at the Appropriate Time
Proper timing means you post your content at the time zone that a significant majority of your audience lives and what time they interact with their Instagram accounts. When more of your followers see your posts the more the chances they will respond to them and draw the attention of their followers to your posts.

5. Follow Others
The law of reciprocity comes into play here. People will always tend to reciprocate to your good gestures. When you follow others they reciprocate by following you – and the number grows.

6. Post Frequently
This does not mean you have to all over the place with your posts. It simply means you need to have a sustained presence enough to create and leave an impression in people’s minds. With time some of the people get interested in what you are communicating and finally follow you on Instagram.

7. Use Filters and Apps
These give you a chance to personalize your images. The more original and captivating your images are, the higher the chances people will share and follow your account.

8. Use ProjectInsta
Visit and get free Instagram followers. This website lets you up to 80,000 followers delivered to your account either instantly or in a spread of a few days or weeks. The service is 100% safe and will not compromise the security of your account.

9. Invite a Relevant Celebrity Instagrammer
In your line of business, you know some Instagram celebrity who shares something in common with your target audience. Such people are quite influential. A photo with the celebrity can attract thousands of likes and followers to your account.

10. Host Contests on Instagram
These contests boost engagement with your primary and secondary audiences. Share your contest info on other social media sites to spread the info far and wide.
This will increase your visibility and draw more free Instagram followers to your account.