Tips to Get More Instagram Likes

You might be looking for some hints to increase your Instagram likes in a faster way. If so, here are some of the tips you could use to boost your liker base in no time. Utilize these tips to level up your business or personal profile which can bring you wide-ranging benefits. Dive in!

Know the Right Time to Post

Before posting a photo or video on Instagram, take note of these two important things: The time zone of your audience and the most frequent time they check Instagram. Most users login in the evening and in the morning. This logically implies their need to check on their account before starting the day and before ending it.

Moreover, Instagram users also log in when they are on their way home either from school or work. Based on Simply Measured, an analytics company, the ideal time for publishing a post on Instagram is every Wednesday from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Meanwhile, the least favorable time to post for brands is in the midnight since Instagram photos only stay active only 4 hours before other photos bury it on follower feed.

Utilize Popular Hashtags

To get more Instagram likes, you have to use tools in the platform like Hashtags to help people discover your brand. Utilizing this tool depends on what industry you are in and your target audience. In line with this, Google can help you out to find effective Hashtags applicable to you. Just a simple Google search will allow you to learn everything you don’t know about.

Instagram likes

Ask Questions Using Your Caption

Another tip to get more Instagram likes is to insert captions that ask questions to the reader. Asking a relatable question to your audience could get your more likes as well as comments. Your goal here is to catch attention and interest while earning more Instagram likes.

Host a Contest

Boost your engagements, followers, and likes by hosting a contest in the platform. It is actually one of the fastest ways to get loud on any social media network. Think about a fun contest that can attract your target audience and have them participate. More participants mean more potential of familiarizing people to your brand.

Share Exciting Teasers   

For businesses that offer products, posting a photo on Instagram featuring your upcoming products or event is best in catching your audience interest. While earning photo likes, posting a teaser keeps your potential and existing customers interested in your brand.

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