Downloading Movies Online

Renting movies has gone digital- instead of going to Blockbuster, people can now stream or download movies online. First, you’ll need to find the best movie download website, then it’s just a matter of having enough space to download the videos for your entertainment.

Here’s how you can prepare your laptop or desktop for downloading:

Visit Only Reputable Websites

A quick Google search should reveal the most popular sites people go to when they want to watch the latest Hollywood films and TV series. Some of these sites will let you watch for free, while others require a subscription service. You’ll need to watch out for the right movie extension- videos should come in mp4, flv or avi format and not in .exe or .msi.

One of the recommended sites to start with is, which has a lot of video content you can easily and safely download.

See What Movies They Offer

You should find sites that have the movies you want to watch. The best ones will have movies and shows in your favorite genre, i.e., horror, adventure, action, documentaries and the like. SSR Movies has Hollywood movies, Bollywood videos, TV shows, dual audio movies and more. The site also has 300mb movies that can be downloaded real quick, even if you don’t have a fast internet connection.

Check Your Available Disk Space

Movies can range anywhere from 300mb to 4gb worth of disk space. Make sure you have enough by going to your My Computer for Windows or the Desktop space for Mac, and highlighting the HDD drive. If you have an external hard drive or flash disk, you can move them from the computer to the media after you’ve finished downloading. After watching, you can keep the file or delete it to make space for future movies.