Tips to Reduce Pain during Brazilian Sugaring Wax Treatment

Salon treatments are a way to relax for most of us. We all look forward to manicures, pedicures, head massages and facial procedures not only because they enhance our beauty but also because they relax and pamper us to the core. But can we say the same for the Brazilian treatment? Certainly not! Though we are eager to get rid of those unwanted hair but at the same time we are reluctant to go for the procedure owing to the pain involved. To make the experience less stressful for you, we have come up with a few tips that reduce pain during Brazilian bikini wax. So, read on!


It is recommended to exfoliate your skin a day before undergoing the said treatment. This is because it helps you get rid of the dirt and dead skin cells and prepares the skin for the procedure. But more importantly exfoliation helps the sugaring paste stick properly to the hair rather than the skin which makes the treatment less painful. You must use a mild scrub and exfoliate gently.

Reduce Acidity

Do you know that smoking, alcohol and caffeine consumption can create a lot of acid in the body? This makes the skin sensitive to pain. If you are a regular consumer of these then we suggest you reduce their impact before starting with the Brazilian hair removal procedure. How? You will get an over-the-counter tablet for this. Just have it around half an hour before the procedure. Also, avoid drinking around the time you plan to undergo bikini wax.

Avoid Applying Astringent

Applying astringent can hinder the procedure and cause more pain. This is because astringent tightens the pores and makes it difficult to pull the hair. So, make sure you avoid applying it before conducting the treatment.

Take an Aspirin

If you are going for the procedure for the first time or are extremely sensitive to pain then you may take an aspirin half an hour before the treatment. It is effective in reducing the pain. Likewise, there are certain creams/ lotions that cause a numbing effect. You may use them but do read all the pros and cons of applying the same before you go ahead with them. If you think icing can help numb the area and lower the pain, we are afraid you are mistaken. It’s a NO!

You should also know that certain medicines/ medical treatments make the skin more sensitive. If you are under any such medication then we recommend you wait until the course is complete. You may consult your physician to discuss further.

We are sure these tips will prove to be a saviour for you. In addition to these, be very careful while picking the sugaring kit if you plan to conduct the procedure at home. And don’t forget to share your experience of undergoing Brazilian hair removal procedure using these simple yet effective tips. Also, share if you use any other hack to get through this painful treatment with ease. We would love to hear from you!