Tips to Stop Video Stream Buffering

You’re watching your favorite football team compete in the FIFA World Cup, and then it happens- the dreaded circular buffering icon that brings everything to a screeching halt.

Buffering is the result of a lack of bandwidth and can affect streaming videos. Here are 4 tips on how you can prevent this from happening. Do this the next time you want the answer to ‘where can i stream Bundesliga?‘ for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Close Other Internet-Hungry Apps and Programs

If you’ve been streaming videos and FIFA games without any issues before then the problem isn’t in your internet speed. Rather, it could be that there are other programs, apps or websites that could be slowing your internet down.

So, to fix this you’ll need to look at your computer, tablet or smartphone and see if there are open apps or websites. Close them out and return to your game. Press or touch the play button and you should have a buffer-free experience.

Do the Pause Trick

Back in the days when the internet was just booming, speeds were often not enough to support seamless HD streaming. Users had to do the pause trick, which was to press or touch the pause button, then wait around 15 to 30 seconds and press the play button. This allowed the internet to catch up with the stream and get ahead of it so you won’t experience buffering.

Lower the Video Quality

As a rule of thumb, the higher the quality of video you want to watch the faster the bandwidth you need. 4K videos will need a lot more compared to say, videos in 720p or 480p resolution.

Try to check the video quality when you’re constantly plagued by buffering, then lower it a step or two.

Reset Your Modem and Router

You may not be getting the optimal broadband speed you’ve paid for. This can easily be fixed with a simple reset- turn your modem and/or router for a minute, then turn it back on.