Valentines Day Candy Hearts


Lonely this valentines day?

Aw….Just remember. Nobody loves you on any of the other days either.

Hey- it’s a hard truth!


But for those single ladies and gentlemen who still wish to involve themselves in the spirit of that sugar coated, teddy bear fluff of a holiday, we have the gifts for you.


#1 Rejected Candy Hearts

Forget that cheesy tiptoeing around the bush- tell your intended really how you feel. This new Twitter phenomenon has exploded with rejected candy heart ideas, from ‘Where’s my Child Support?’ to ‘Be my “It’s Complicated.”


 #2 Complicated Cards

What better way to confuse someone in the friend-zone or someone you just want to puzzle endlessly with your feelings. Cards can range from a sweet and simple ‘I hate you’ to well…..This.

Perfect card for those special friends with benefits.

#3 Send a pile of sh*t.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, there is actually a service in this world that caters to delivering animal dung anonymously to whoever the client chooses. A favorite of jealous ex girlfriends on Valentines Day, choices range from an exotic elephant dung, to gorilla, and cow pats.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to have their job?

#4 Unflattering G-Strings

For the partner who feels its just about time to break up without doing the dirty deed. This G-string range is sure to send anyone for the hills.

Just no.

#5 A Voodoo Doll

Had that special someone forsake you? Feeling pretty angry about it? Have no fear- voodoo will take care of them! Stick pins in all sorts of places while thinking of your ex beloved. A wonderfully healthy way to spend valentines alone.

Perfect for the serial killer in you.

So whatever your relationship status this year for Valentines Day – don’t forget that it doesn’t just have to be a time for cheesy love birds, and single people can have fun too!