Top 6 Time Management Tips For Busy Remote Workers

Remote working has undoubtedly a lot of benefits, but it surely has some challenges as well. Time management is among the biggest ones because remote working offers employees a sense of flexibility and freedom that often triggers distractions resulting in spending extra hours on work. Thats where time management skills come in.

Whether you’re a manager or a remote worker, if you’re struggling to manage time properly, then you should pay attention to learning time management. To help you with that, we’re sharing some effective time management tips and time tracking tool to help you make most of your workday.

 1: To-Do list

One of the best ways to organize your tasks is by creating a to-do list and following it during your day. You can highlight the task as per the priority and mark them off as they’re completed. A To-do list helps the person to stay focused and get things done at the right times.

2: Set up a dedicated workplace

Many remote workers underestimate the importance of having a dedicated workplace at their homes. They work from their beds in a cozy environment that brings up laziness and results in spending more time on tasks and late deliveries.

That is why having a dedicated workplace is very important for remote workers. That doesn’t mean you should create a full office environment by putting a huge desk in your room and making it your office. Instead, just pick any little space in your home and reserve it for working only. You need to make sure there’s everything you need during working hours so you can reach it without creating clutter or wasting time.

3: Use time-tracking App

No one is born with time management skills. Whether you’re a remote worker, manager, or remote business owner, you can benefit from a time tracking tool. The time tracking application allows you to track time so you can know how to spend your time properly. These apps are specially designed for remote workers and managers for time management. Using these apps, you can create tasks, assign a deadline, and create timely reports and billable hours for clients.

4: Eliminate distractions

Distraction is the greatest enemy of productivity. Many remote workers experience scrolling through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram during working hours. It kills productivity—That’s why you should block all social media notifications or shouldn’t use them during your working hours. Or, you can use time tracking mobile phone apps and use monitoring features to monitor how much time you’re spending on unproductive sites during working hours. 

5: Take Small Breaks

Studies have shown that a remote worker is 13 times more productive than an office worker and tends to take less leave or get sick. However, remote employees work consistently throughout the days, which results in employee burnout. Thats why it’s vital to take a micro-break of 2-3 minutes after working continuously for 90 minutes. These microbreaks during long working hours have proven to improve the employees’ cognitive performance.

6: Dress like you’re going to work

Working remotely doesn’t necessarily mean working in your pajamas or night suits. Wearing comfortable clothes undoubtedly have many benefits, but during work, they can contribute to distraction and decrease the efficiency of the remote employees. So, it’s better to dress like you’re going to the office during your remote working hours. It will improve your time management skills and productivity.

Final thoughts:

That’s it. By implementing these tips, you can master time management skills which will directly improve your productivity. Remember, time is money, and you should let it slip away!