Top and Most Recent League of Legend News

If you are a fan of League of Legends, there are several developments in the game that you should know about. These happenings may or may not influence your League of Legends betting.

Steve Aoki for the LEC Finals

Steve Aoki is a Grammy-nominated DJ. He is a DJ and a producer who will perform in LEC’s Warm-Up Show in the coming finals. His performance is on behalf of one of the teams, Rogue. This is a collaboration that does not come as a surprise since Steve has invested in the Rogue team.

Steve said that he plans to build the team by bringing powerful sponsors in the game. His performance is going to jumpstart this plan as he brings in more financiers to the parent company of Rogue, ReKTGlobal.

In line with this, KIA Motors is going to sponsor his performance. KIA Motors is one of the main partners of the league. As such, we can also expect more performance in the league from KIA’s other partners like Imagine Dragons and Nicky Romero.

Seraphine to Be a New League of Legends Champion

It has been confirmed that Seraphine is the new champion. She is a fictional character in the LoL universe, and she belongs to the fictional female pop band in K/DA.

Riot Games had officially released this statement recently, saying that Seraphine is indeed part of the LoL universe, after much speculation from fans when her social media account was released a few months ago.

Now, one thing that people are wondering about is her abilities. Since there are good data miners out there, we have information that the character is going to be playable. Somebody said that one of her abilities is to echo back, which means that she can cast an ability again and again.

There are also talks that her second skill is a Note. What this means is that she can grant this ability to her nearby allies. Each Note that she passes on allows her to get better attack range and magic damage.

The third skill we are looking at is the shield. Here, allies near her would receive a 3% boost in shield and movement speed for four seconds. She also has the ability to heal her allies, giving back 5% of their health. Seraphine’s character is still being worked on. The target release date for this character is in October.

KIA Motors Releases a New Video

While the LEC has a history of launching funny videos, it came as a surprise when KIA Motors released a video that featured an electronic dance track. In the video, fans saw eSports host Eefje. The track was aptly named LECtronic.

The song and video were both made to inspire pride for the LEC. The message was clear—that LEC is the best in the EU. LEC also coaxed the audience, saying that this song is the anthem of the fans.

It was Eefje who released the behind-the-scenes footage. This gave the fans some insights about the things that went on in the video production. The host said that she took dance classes for at least two months to prepare her for the video. The behind-the-scenes footage showed her during practice, lunch, and the off-time shots.

LoL Releases New Skins and Icons

The upcoming PsyOps event teased new skins and rewards. There are exclusive icons and chromas that Riot has prepared for this event.

New skins have a futuristic style—they come in neon-like blue and purple. The champion’s skin has a price, though, and it will cost you lots of PsyOps Sona, the currency in the game. Some skins have rand new voices, and they also have more and better animations.

There are also new chromas—things that add style to the personality of the character. There are many chromas that players are certainly going to enjoy once they are out. They are for sale at various PsyOps Sona ranges. Some examples are obsidian, rose quartz, sandstones, tanzanite, and so much more.

The PsyOps event is going to take place on the Rift, and it is going to last until the 30th of September. There are new missions and milestones to watch out for, and successful players are going to receive battle pass rewards.


League of Legends is establishing itself as one of the best multiplayer games of all time. It is actively pursuing new ways to expand its fandom, and we can see this passion through the various videos and updates that Riot Games has been launching since the start of this year.  

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