TOP Lottery Mistakes to Avoid

How often do you play the lottery? Have you ever won a prize? Winning the lottery is based on luck.

With luck and the right strategy, nothing will stop you from winning the lottery. However, many people miss out on both small and big winnings because of some avoidable mistakes. Today, we’ll share the little secrets of the things to avoid to get a real chance of winning the jackpot when playing the lottery.

Avoidable mistakes when playing the lottery

Here are some popular mistakes that you need to avoid when playing the lottery.

1. Tossing away the ticket

You should keep your lottery ticket when you buy it. Some people have lost their winnings after throwing away their tickets. Remember, the evidence of winning is directly tied to the ticket that you have bought.

The best way to avoid this mistake is to play Lotto Zambia online. This way, your ticket is reserved by the system and you can always refer to it.

2. Ignoring draw results

Some lottery players forget to check the results of the lottery draw. You should be keen whenever there is a lotto draw to see if you have been declared a winner. At Lotto Zambia, you can use the website to check lotto results from yesterday. This is a perfect way of tracking the results of previous draws. When you ignore draws, you can’t know whether you’ve won or not.

3. Trusting lottery predictions

The biggest mistake that you can make is to trust lottery predictions. They have no basis because the lottery is a pure game of chance. The winning probability is not tied to any mathematical predictions. You shouldn’t pay for lottery predictions as they are not accurate. Everyone wants to be a millionaire, and no one can sell real predictions to you! They aren’t there.

4. Playing small games only

You should not limit yourself to small lottery games only. You should try different lottery games that have varied odds of winning. At Lotto Zambia, you have multiple lottery options. You can sign up to play the lotto at to play global games like GG World Keno and GG World Million. Try different games available on the website.

The worst lottery mistake

Spending all your money on the lottery

The worst lottery mistake is to spend all your money on the lottery. There is no guarantee that you will win the lottery. Therefore, you should not spend all the money that you have playing the lottery.

There is a likelihood that you can lose all your money and go bankrupt. The best advice would be to allocate some money for the lottery. You can call it “entertainment money”. This will help you in tracking your expenditure on the lottery.


Now that you know the top lottery mistakes to avoid, you should play the lottery soberly. You should be a keen player who enjoys playing the lottery safely. The idea behind the lottery is to have fun while playing. Whether you win or lose, you should have fun playing.