Another boring year? Hardly, from Robin Williams to flight MH 370 and beyond, the top Google searches of 2014 reveal the year that was fun, crazy, frought with peril and, above all, interesting. How do your top Google searches of 2014 compare with Google and YouTube’s top hits?

What was the zeitgeist of 2014? First off, Google has stopped using the word “zeitgeist” and has now rebranded the concept as the year in search. Further, to actually find straight up listings (images below) of top Google searches of the year takes a little digging — Google doesn’t list them right upfront anymore.

Google Top Searches 2014



Top Google Searches of 2014: iPhone 6? What iPhone 6?

If you were looking for further proof that the iPhone 6 is setting a new standard for smartphone popularity the world over, look no further than Google’s 2014 search trend wrap-up. In the U.S. and abroad, the iPhone 6 tops virtually every tech search term chart, while the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Nexus 6 trail behind — TUAW.

For better and mostly for worse, top searches 2014 reveal the year was largely about loss. From Robin Williams and Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 to Ebola and The Fappening, it was a rough and often violent year.

YouTube 2014 Rewind

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Will you miss the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? It sorta seemed liked wet t-shirt thing of the ’70s, but for charity.

Thank goodness top searches 2014 and top YouTube videos didn’t include “how to twerk” — again. Seriously, “giant mutant spider” is so much more mature…

What’s your take?