Trending Android Apps

Google Play is loaded with millions of apps of in different categories and almost every week hundreds of new apps are uploaded. Some apps are popular through reviews and others through number of downloads. Here are the few apps that can make your life easier excluded in the list are real money australian pokies online.

SEO SERP mojo- Ranker Tracker

If you have websites or blogs this is one of the apps you should have. It helps with your SEO by tracking your websites rankings. This app can track keywords and allows you to view unlimited ranking history for all keywords tracked. SERP mojo is a tool that is able to track rankings of more than just one website but multiple websites. With this app, all your SEO research is always up to date.

You can track your website ranking on different search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It features a graphical presentation that is easy to interpret and helps you to visualize the ranking history better. Most canadian online gambling sites use it. SEO SERP mojo is free and you can add unlimited keywords or URLs you wish to track.

GPS Phone Tracker

It is a tracking app that makes it easier for you to track your phone and friends. GPS Phone Tracker has main features like Find Your Friends and Find Your Phone. This app is very easy to use and helps you to stay connected. By using the app you are able to find your phone or tablet when it is lost, just check the app’s website to locate your device. In just a few seconds you know where your device is located.

You can get the exact or real-time location of where your friends are. Find Your Friends works on friends who also use GPS Phone Tracker app. All your friends using this app appear on the navigation map. You get to know whether your friends have already arrived at the stadium, club, church, restaurant or party.