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Trending Tech: How Google Workspace Replaced G Suite



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Over the years, Google has been keen on making life more comfortable and transforming how jobs are executed. It is becoming obvious that the way work is being carried out is changing rapidly. For many, work no longer requires us to be present physically in an office, and interactions are now being digitized. Discussion no longer takes place at a coffee machine or while walking to attend meetings; instead, the home has taken the place of an office. Essential service providers ranging from construction workers to delivery agents who help to keep the supply chains going, now turn to their phones, and other devices to execute their jobs. While medical doctors attending to patients and relevant government agencies that engage with their communities are also trying to see how they can use technology to deliver their services. Google Workspace provides you with every feature needed to get anything done all in one place. Google Workspace includes features like the Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, among others. Google Workspace creates an avenue to communicate, work and collaborate whether you are returning to or from the office, working from home, on the frontlines with your mobile device, or connecting with customers.

Understanding Changes That Google Workspace Brought To Its Users

Google Workspace introduced three main developments to replace G Suite, and they are: 

  • New and a more integrated user experience that helps teams work together more effectively. Frontline workers can now stay connected, and it also helps businesses enjoy new digital customer experiences.
  • New brand identity that depicts their ambitious product vision and the way these products work together.
  • Ways to get started with solutions channelled to the unique needs of their wide range of customers. 

The above stated points are further explained below:

New User Experience

Experience a better home for work. Google Workspace brings all communication tools like chat, email, voice and video calling in a single location, allowing each user to have a unified experience while ensuring employees are given access to what they need in a single location. Google Workspace also allows management to connect with customers and business partners using the guest access features. 

New Brand Identity

Over the years, Google has designed individual apps that solve different challenges. It brought a new way for individuals to work together with Docs. Google Workspace reflects a more helpful, connected, and flexible experience. Identity changes also include four color icons for Gmail, Drive, Meet, Calendar and content creation tools like Docs, Sheets, Slide. All these represent ways in which Google Workspace helps to make working from home more comfortable.

New Ways To Get Started

Google Workspace is designed for small, medium, and large businesses. Its flexibility and simplicity apply to how users experience the product and their way of doing business. Users can get more out of Google Workspace since the newest editions are being updated with more features. There are editions for small businesses (called Google Workspace Starter) and medium scale businesses (called Google Workspace Standard), and large businesses (called Google Workspace Enterprise). Businesses can adopt Google Workspace comfortably no matter the size or kind of work being done. 

Google Workspace Versus Office 365

Google Workspace, according to recent research, has been confirmed to be less expensive compared to Microsoft Office 365. By using a promo code, new Google Workspace accounts can receive a discount. Additionally, there are some features present on Google Workspace that are not found on Microsoft Office 365, making Google Workspace a better cloud productivity platform.


Google Workspace improves on its former predecesor G Suite and excels at meeting the needs of working from home for any size business.