TrustR iPhone App Review

Price: $3.99     Score: 8/10     Category: Utilities

TrustR, developed by Rookie ApS, is an extremely streamlined iPhone app that scans your phone and notifies you of any potential security threats. Updated daily to keep your phone secure against emerging threats, the interface not only identifies potential problems but phrases them in an easily comprehensible way.

The main part of TrustR consists of a single screen with a big old button that says “PRESS.” Ideally, you scan once a week (according to their recommendations). The scan only takes a few seconds and once you hit the button, there are three other buttons that may or may not light up, depending on what the scan finds.

The buttons notify you of security issues, patches that address the issues, and a list of infections. While the interface is pretty bare-bones, the iPhone app does a great job of presenting tons of data in an easy to understand array. It really is surprising just what sort of potential threats you might turn up, even if you’re careful about your mobile security.

It is worth noting that not all security threats may be serious. As the developers point out on the app’s page, inaccurate app detections can happen on rare occasions. In such cases, they suggest that the related security problems should simply be disregarded.

Overall, I really liked TrustR. However, during my test time, despite re-installing the iPhone app and restarting my phone, it crashed nearly 10 times on me even with no other apps running.

It mostly occurred during the scan process, but even with the setbacks, I’d still say TrustR is worth checking out, especially since there’s a Lite version you can sample before springing for the $4 Full version.

TrustR is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later. *Sponsored review.

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