Twitter Music, or #Music as it’s officially own, attracted a modest amount, 140 characters at most, of media attention at launch. Unfortunately for the social media giant’s first major music play, the coverage was almost all negative and it’s been nothing but “meh” ever since.

All Things D, quoting fresh tracking data from Onavo, is reporting that Twitter Music hit the ground stumbling when it launched and never recovered its footing.


“Upon its April debut, Twitter #Music spiked in the App Store rankings, reaching the No. 6 slot in overall free app downloads,” writes All Things D’s Mike Isaac. “Sources said that since the initial surge the app has seen ‘abysmal’ numbers both in iTunes App Store downloads and engagement.”

Fundamentally, Twitter never enunciated and customers never intuited why they should give #Music a chance. The result, as shown above, has been a clear and resounding, “meh.”

That said, “sources” are saying Twitter Music is doomed, though the timing of its demise is still an open question…

Are you one of the few #Music users? Can anyone say what the value position was?

Via Venture Beat