Twitter Mute Feature May Soon Be Implemented

Twitter Mute Feature May Soon Be ImplementedSome iOS and Android Twitter users have begun to report that a mute feature has been added to the service. Given the way that it is implemented for certain individuals, the mute option is an alternative to unfollowing or blocking.

Almost everyone that has consistently used Twitter knows of someone who is simply annoying on the network. However, as annoying as they may be, it is sometimes not a great idea to unfollow them. This seems to be the basis for mute, which would give annoyed users a little more control over how they interact with the people that they are following.

Mute features are already available in some third-party Twitter applications and since those implementations have been well received–and the idea makes a lot of sense–it is not surprising that Twitter is at online casino least testing out the feature with certain users.

Twitter has yet to comment on reports of the option but so far, the reports appear to be legitimate.

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The mute option only affects regular tweets that would normally appear in your primary feed, so if a muted user tags you in a post, you will still be notified. Granted, this seems like a better idea than outright blocking communication.

Social networking sites like Twitter–in fact, just about any service–will do trial runs like these in order to see what the feedback is like. So far, people seem very interested in having the ability to mute people, which means that it is more likely that Twitter will provide the feature globally.

What”s particularly nice is that you can mute people for a short period of time. If someone is live-tweeting an event, for example, that can get a bit annoying. However, there is no reason to unfollow them since the excessive tweets will eventually end, making mute a far better option.

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Summary: Twitter appears to be adding a mute feature to its iOS and Android apps. Mute is an alternative to blocking or unfollowing, so another user won”t know that they are currently muted.

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