Types of gates used in warehouse halls

Steel halls are increasingly becoming the base for various types of construction facilities, for example, warehouses, storage facilities, or workshops. Each time warehouse design requires consideration of individual needs. A very important component is industrial gates for storage halls. The differences between the various solutions may lie not only in the gates’ purpose but also in the way they are installed and operated. Check out selected types of gates and how they work, as well as the standards that define the requirements for installation and use.

Specific types of warehouse gates

Industrial gates are designed for installation in various types of industrial facilities. All of them should be selected according to the investor’s needs and adapted to the nature of the investment. The purpose of the storage hall already at the design stage can determine which product will work best. The choice of the gate type also determines the mechanism of its operation and the way it is made. Check some examples below:

  • Sectional gates – the most widespread type of industrial gate designed for warehouses or courier facilities. They have a proven, uncomplicated opening system, operating on the principle of raising or lowering the gate, and the possibility of using different ways of guiding the gate – vertical, horizontal, bent.
  • Roller gates – these gates are made of panels that form a roller shutter. This type of solution is ideal for storage halls with low height, which limits the possibility of using sectional doors. Roller doors are not only functional but also very safe.
  • Sliding industrial gates – a sliding gate is a great solution for all investors planning to build objects with a large area where is a need for fire separation of adjacent fire zones. This type of passage between the individual separated zones of the hall not only guarantees heat insulation, which can be increased by installing special brushes, but also provides soundproofing and, above all, fire resistance.

Standards for the warehouse gates’ construction

Gates are an important part of the warehouse design, so they should meet the highest standards of quality and reliable operation. A gate for a storage hall is one of the fundamental structural elements, so it is worth consulting a specialist and asking about all the details before making the final choice. However, the investor’s requirements are not the only aspect taken into account when designing an industrial hall and selecting gates. Several rules determine how the gates should be installed and used. Kobex designers will ensure that the project is aligned with all construction standards.