Unusual Ways to Build Customer Trust in Your Magento 2 Store

Undoubtedly, the degree to which people trust your Magento web store and the level of risk they feel influence their desire to purchase. Studies show that not only real web store security impacts its trustworthiness. Other factors, like navigation, design, and usability, constitute the perceived reliability of a web store. The perceived quality of a website and trust in fact have nothing to deal with the security of transactions and customer data, but they make people prefer one web store to another.

Today, we’ll look exactly at such non-trivial factors of building customer trust in your Magento 2 and hence driving sales up.

Learn to use incentives as a trustworthy web store

According to Expedia Affiliate Network, discounts and coupons became the top tactics for increasing customer loyalty in 2018. 61% of shoppers said they used coupons. 53.2% of adults redeemed digital coupons in 2018, which is 3.3% more than in the previous year (Inmar). While coupons are gaining popularity as a loyalty measure, they can also help you make your Magento web store look more reputable.

Step 1. Make the use of coupons transparent

One of the keys to building trust is to be clear in your messages and fulfill your promises. A customer can forget about your special offering, but they will always remember a discount that you took back. To avoid any misunderstandings and failed expectations, make sure your discount rules are exact and clear and… let customers manage their coupon codes in Magento 2 themselves.

  • First, you should clearly show customers what discounts they get after they applied a promo code.
  • Second, if a customer decides to keep the coupon for a later more beneficial purchase, they should be able to deactivate the promo code on the checkout page.
  • Third, let customers view the Magento 2 coupon codes that they have used, as well as those that they can still redeem. When customers can track the usage of promos themselves, they won’t have to call your web store and won’t blame you if they realize that they expected more than you’d promised.

This idea was technically brought to life in the Coupon Code for Magento 2 module. Click the demo of the extension to make it clear how the above works on the frontend and the backend of a Magento 2 web store.

Say you need to apply price changes to a large number of prods before launching a new coupon program. Making this manually will take much time and cost you a fortune. Try this Magento 2 Mass Action to make changes in bulk, just two clicks.

Step 2. Remind customers about coupons

The Inmar study shows that 43% of buyers forget to redeem digital coupons and this way lose their opportunity to pay less. Why not go an extra mile in customer service and help them remember about their unused coupon codes on the Magento 2 checkout page? This small effort will make customers feel that you are interested in their gains and make your web store look more trustworthy.

Step 3. Lure new customers with benefits for guests

Yes, we all know that a signed-up customer is more likely to become a return customer. But sometimes shoppers don’t want to bother registering and still return to a web store because they appreciate the speed, the service, and the quality of the items they get. Let them feel and like the service first. And they will return.

According to the RetailMeNot findings, 67% of shoppers made a purchase when they weren’t originally planning one, but they changed their minds when they saw a coupon or discount on the web store. Letting guest customers use one or multiple Magento 2 coupon codes, just like authorized shoppers, is a good technique to stimulate spontaneous purchases of the people that were simply considering alternatives.

Step 4. Get to know customers better with coupons and trust

Euclid found out that 52% of Americans would disclose purchase history in exchange for coupons or other promotional discounts. This proves that the correct usage of coupons itself builds trust in the brand or web store. It is needless to say that customers’ data is the most valuable thing when it comes to targeted messages and relevant offerings.

Highlight quality throughout the web store

Customers get the first impression about a web store through the image they see. It is therefore so crucial to transmit quality in every single piece of your Magento 2 web store design.

So, what does a trustworthy web store look like?

  1. Convey the values of your business and showcase your reliability in the design. Add the information about your certifications and trust seals, as well as reviews to visualize the facts that people trust you.
  2. Show that you are not a one-day company and focus on long-term relationships. Carefully plan the About Us page and the Loyalty program page (if relevant). Add contact options on every page to let customers know that you are always ready to help, just in case.
  3. Pay attention to easy navigation. Test how quickly a shopper can find the needed item, order it, and check out. By bringing together Magento capabilities and UX principles you will make your web store work and look well.
  4. Make sure your promo banners not only attract customers’ attention but also complement the design of your web store.
  5. Don’t forget to carefully plan the design and the text of your marketing messages. According to Vibes, 61% of shoppers subscribe to mobile messaging because of incentives or coupons. Customers expect relevant offerings from your brand. So, get to know your shoppers better and send targeted messages via mobile and email. It is crucial to treat your promo messages and e-mails as parts of your web store and make them look and sound similar.

Instead of the conclusion

So, how to build customers’ trust in your Magento 2 web store? For sure, you should care about the actual reliability of the website, the security of transactions and customer data. Yet, don’t forget to express this reliability in the way that customers can perceive.

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