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VIPole Secure Messenger, developed by Hiliard Management, is an Android app that aims to provide secure video, text, and media communications by encrypting the content end-to-end.

Such encryption has become a hot topic of consideration for even the less tech-savvy of us, and VIPole aims to provide a solution for those concious of privacy and security but don’t understand or don’t want to deal with endless security configuration options.

Offering secure group chats, instant messaging, video conferencing, and even the ability to delete and edit sent text messages, VIPole is the all-in-one solution for your security and communication needs.

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Offering a tiered plan to suit different use cases, VIPole is free to most user requirements and provides strong encryption for your media, whilst the professional subscription will get you enhanced security features.

VIPole even comes with a fake secret feature, password manager, and an instant lock feature to ensure that your communication is always 100% secure.

The application is well designed and is easy to pick up and use, with your contact list being populated with your contacts using only their VIPole unique ID. It’s then a simple case of a button click to contact them, all safe behind VIPole’s industry leading encryption methods.

VIPole is available for free to download on the Google Play Store.