Vizeo and Google recently announced their VAP430 Stream Player, an innovative unit that turns any television into a “Vizeo Internet Apps Plus” (V.I.A. Plus) unit that incorporates the latest Google TV. The player will allow consumers to access multiple online services, with the option to enjoy photos, music and video stored on any computer, hard drive or handset connected to the Vizeo cloud.

With the VAP430 connected to an HDTV, users will be able to seamlessly access content from compatible apps and websites. The Vizeo remote control, paired with the included touchpad, allows users to control all of the action.

In addition to movies, TV shows and music on demand, the VAP430 will allow users to browse the web using the Flash compatible browser.

“We’re excited about what Google TV brings to our new VAP430 Stream Player,” explained Matthew McRae, Vizeo Chief Technology Officer. “This isn’t just an ordinary streaming box that accesses a few predetermined video services. It’s a true entertainment portal that opens up everything the Web has to offer, as well as all the content consumers already have stored on computers and hard drives. And the incorporation of Google TV and our V.I.A. Plus interface makes it all incredibly easy to setup and a joy to use.”

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