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Voxle is a unique social media application which allows you to check up on your friends’ whereabouts, send free text messages and even make free phone calls from anywhere in the world.

You can also use Voxle to find other people who are either local to you, or are living within the same country as you.

The open nature of Voxle’s social network is intriguing. The location friend finding system makes searching for your real-life and local friends extremely easy, yet also gives you access to the profiles of people from across your country, helping you find new friends by location.


Know Where Your Friends Are

You can sign in to Voxle using your Facebook account, or by signing up with your email address separately. If you use Facebook, Voxle will automatically populate your profile with your image, name and other basic information.

You can track your friends using Voxle’s map function, which gives you quick access to their profiles.

Additionally, Voxle profiles allow you to find out about people’s interests, and also give you the option to jump right in and contact them, either via text message, or a phone call.

To ensure your profile is not too revealing, you can configure privacy settings to limit what the public can see. You can hide your exact location, city, and even hide yourself completely from searches.

Voxle also lets you publish “Barks”, which are short text status updates to let your friends and family know what’s going on, or even to send a quick public message to those in your local area.


Voxle Design & Interface

The overall design of Voxle is pleasing to the eye, although there is room for improvement.

Menus and buttons are all well placed and easy to use, yet they lack the colourful or creative spark that other social networks use so well.

Instead of going for vibrant colours, Voxle utilizes dark grey buttons and empty black backgrounds. A simple colour injection could really give Voxle a new, more friendly edge.

With that being said, the various search screens and map systems offered by Voxle are extremely easy to navigate, and are always responsive. Also, despite their lack of colour, all buttons are well designed and make good sense during general use, making sure you never get lost within the many screens of the app.

Final Remarks

All in all, Voxle is a very well constructed public social media application, with a high focus on locations.

Although, it must be said that the overall design of the app could definitely use a little work, especially when it comes to colours. Yet, if you’re simply looking to meet people in your local area, and to stay on top of what your local friends and family are doing, Voxle would certainly serve you well.

Download Voxle from Google Play on Android devices running Android 2.2 and up.