Many online users take to VPN as a means of protecting their privacy and anonymity on the world wide web. Internet traffic passes through a secure, encrypted tunnel in order to deter malicious attackers from seeing your personal data, such as location, your real IP address and browsing activity.

Here are some instances where you may want to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network:

Browse Anonymously Online. Without encryption, sites can easily see your IP address and find out where you’re located. VPN services block these kinds of sensitive detail from those who want to track your online activity by masking your IP address. Instead of the original IP, your computer will adopt the VPN’s assigned IP address and keep you anonymous.

Prevent ISP Spying. Internet Service Providers can view what you’re doing and what sites you’re visiting anytime. They can use that information to deliberately slow down your connection, or make you pay extra just to see the sites you love. ISPs often shut down file sharing protocols, i.e. torrent in an effort to curb piracy. Governments can also force ISPs to show them your information and spy on its citizens.

Get Private Access On Public Wi-Fi. You may not know it, but browsing on public Wi-Fi, like the ones in a mall or a coffee shop, can expose sensitive information. Hackers can get to your details by creating fake Wi-Fi networks to steal log in information and see your browsing habits.

Unblock Censored Content. If you live in a country that has blocked certain websites or content, a VPN can act as the key to freedom.

Access Blocked Streaming Content. Some services provide specific content only in certain geo-locations. The most notable example is Netflix- subscribers can only see content available in their region. If you want to see content assigned to the U.S. then you can get a VPN that has a U.S.-based IP address.

Not all VPN services are equal, and it’s in your best interests to choose one that’s fast and safe to use. A reliable resource would be thevpnvault.com where you can check the best VPNs to use for your particular need. Remember that a good VPN ensures total privacy, security and freedom on the web.

  1. I know this sounds super hipster, but I was using ExpressVPN way before it became popular. I’ve likely converted most of my friends by now. Where privacy and data are commodities, VPNs are essential.

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