The Walk On Water Laptop Sleeve is well designed Macbook sleeve with room for those extra items.

Whats is the Walk on Water Laptop Sleeve?
The Walk On Water Laptop Sleeve is a funky Macbook sleeve with a leather-look exterior. Macbooks tend to be a lot smaller and more compact than other laptops and have a much longer battery life, due to this many people are turning to sleeves rather than laptop bags to protect their Macbook as they do not have to carry around power supplies or accessories.

The Walk On Water Laptop Sleeve has a large internal pocket for your Macbook complimented with an external pocket to easily fit A4 documents, keys, phones or chargers. It is sealed with a very sturdy dual access zip and a neoprene and cotton interior for shock resistant protection.

Walk on Water Laptop Sleeve Features
I bought a sleeve for my Macbook about a year ago and use it pretty regularly, it is a basic sleeve which just holds my Macbook but I have constantly found the need to store a USB stick, external HDD, documents and other small items.

I have put these in the main pocket of my current sleeve because it is the only pocket available but while I have been on the move these items have put a lot of scratches on the outside of my Macbook. The first thing that stood out on the Walk On Water Laptop Sleeve was the external pocket. It fits well with the design and is not bulky so still keeps the stigma of a ‘sleeve’ but also serves a very useful purpose and you will only know you need this when it is too late.

The next thing you’ll notice is the neoprene and cotton interior which provides waterproof and shock-resistant properties. Now I am a fairly careful person, but I have spilt a coffee on my other sleeve and aside from leaving a terrible stain it also soaked through and begin to spread across my Macbook. I quickly removed it and it was not damaged but no matter how careful you are these things happen.

Also in an office environment and even around the house we leave our laptops on a desk, counter, bench, coffee table etc etc and they get knocked. Sometimes these are minor but other knocks can be very damaging especially if it falls to the floor. The Walk On Water Laptop Sleeve has these protective elements seamlessly built into the sleeve which makes this product stand out.

Lastly, and this is a small one, the Walk On Water Laptop Sleeve has small straps inside the main pocket to hold in your Macbook. Without trying to make myself sound like an accident prone person I have put my Macbook into my sleeve before, forgot to zip it up and picked it up from the wrong end and it has slipped out. Luckily I have the reflexes of a cat and caught it but just having the extra straps their for support could mean the difference between a working laptop and a pile of broken electronics smashed on the floor.

Overall the Walk On Water Laptop Sleeve is a well designed, purpose-built accessory. It has all the safety features that you need to protect you from yourself. The exterior is well constructed and while it does not feel like a designer or high-end accessory, it does look and feel professional and will protect your Macbook and get heads turning. For £29.95 I suggest you give it a look.

Thanks to Gear Zap for sending us a Walk On Water Laptop Sleeve for this review.