Ways to Boost Internet Signal

Do you sometimes wonder why your wifi network is fast at times and slow on others?

More importantly, did you know that you can speed up your wifi and optimize it no matter the time of day?

Here are 5 ways to boost your internet signal.

Add a Password

You may not know it, but there could be someone who’s hogging all the internet bandwidth on your router. It’s recommended that all wifi networks will have a password so only you or your family members can use it.

Pick a New Channel

If you live in an area where there’s about a dozen different wi-fi networks then the slowdown can be caused by a clogged channel.

Your router may support 5G bandwidth, and if it does then this immediately solves the problem. You can also choose a different channel to try and see if your internet speeds up, which can be done by going to your router settings.

Upgrade to a Newer Router

Do you still use your ISP’s default router? Chances are that it’s antiquated and not giving you the full speed of your internet subscription.

Routers come in all shapes and sizes, and you can choose from budget ones and high-end models, depending on what you need. Most newer routers will have stronger signals and eliminate dead spots in your house.

Do a Manual Reset

Resetting your modem can sometimes give you a boost. It’s as simple as locating the modem, turning it off by pressing the power button or unplugging, waiting a full minute then plugging it back in and turning it on.

Restart Your Game or Device

Lastly, you can try to reset the game or app that’s slow and see if it comes on their end.

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