What are the different digital marketing frameworks?

Digital Marketing Frameworks is a kind of bodily functions; each of them is important and necessary in their own ways. They are more or less similar for all digital marketing agencies. Some of the most important are as follows;

Online Advertising:

In the case of online marketing, you have to choose your online ad display cleverly. Online Ads have a wide range of choice, beginning from Google Text to Banner to Retargeting. So basically you pay for space you have chosen to give your ad in on an online platform like Google AdWords, YouTube, etc. One of the most common and popular choices of conducting this process is by the Pay-Per-Click method; here you have to make a payment each time someone clicks on your advertisement. 

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media platforms like document, video, e-book, podcast, file sharing websites, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. have made marketing much easier than it previously was for it gives you a quite domineering online presence. Through the social media account you can get into Q&A sessions, or invite people to share their opinions, etc. apart from these you can share some influencer’s post to come to their notice for future friendship. With such activities, you keep on being active and interesting and thus get noticed by a number of people which normally helps in subsequent situations. 

Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is the ultimate path through which potential customers will be viewing your page. Because it is through search engines operations, the ranking of your website will either climb up the ladder or down. Apart from keywords and page content, work on all the on and off-page aspects so that your website enjoys the best visibility whenever someone searches something relatable.

Mobile Advertising:

Mobile Advertising is a kind of handy and a faster method to drive trafficking because people are now more inclined towards mobile services like, for instance, SMS or MMS, Bluetooth, Mobile Internet, etc. One of the main reasons for a sudden surge in mobile marketing is that clients enjoy personalization which is kind of possible only through mobile usages, this is also the reason why most companies mould out a mobile-friendly app for their websites.

Content Marketing:

One of the best ways to spread brand awareness is content marketing. You have to keep updating your website content like for example putting in the information of any new service or some discount or offer, resolve customer issues, answer to their queries, etc. so that your website becomes an attraction for audiences. There are numerous ways to conduct this process; you can communicate through blogs, reviews, illustrations, etc. Categorize your content and try to market each in a different way for better results.

Email Marketing:

This particular process is mainly for entertaining and checking up on previously active or existing customers. So once you have got their email ids listed in your email database, you can always reach out to them during any new product launch or maybe some discount update, etc. in such instances, if successful, they get back to your website as new customers.


Besides these six, we can also include others like website designing and developing, increasing online brand reputation, etc. But these six undoubtedly are considered as the strongest backbone for digital marketing.

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