The world of app development has gone through surreal changes this decade. Now that it comes to a close, tech gurus are asking questions – what’s next for the app development fraternity for the customers to savor? We’ve seen all sorts of apps, games, interactive websites and whatnot in this decade and the technological innovation that comes with a six-inch screen always surprised us and left us for wanting more.

Coming back to the question, what do these app developers company have in store for us in this coming decade? That’s a big thing to ponder over and we know that there are lots of good things on the way. Although most of them are under an encrypted lock and key because there are things more crucial than some cola giant’s secret recipe, these tech gurus don’t need a playbook to figure out the trends.

Here are some of the things you should look forward to in terms of mobile app development as the next decade unravels into the future.

Blockchain Technology is a Super-hit & Super-secure

Blockchain was thrown around like crazy when the Bitcoin hype spread like a forest fire, but this technology has a much bigger purpose than a being part of a Bitcoin glossary. Blockchain deals with money in the most secure of fashion and high-quality encryption are something that is on every client’s wish list for the upcoming year. Capable of handling money and other forms of sensitive data that’s too dangerous in the wrong hands.

The last decade was full of instances where data leaks left people hanging out to dry with their data compromised. Hopefully, this problem would be out of scope now that Blockchain technology would be in contention to safeguard user data transported in lines of codes through apps.

Mobile Apps will be Indispensable

Now that 2010-decade highlighted the crucial nature of a mobile app and the importance it holds, everyone started building an app. It went so bad that people started converting their website into mobile-optimized pages and launched it as an app. Now that the new decade rolls out, it is more than just important to make the most of any mobile app by keeping it in a mint condition.

If you can’t find a reason why your business needs a mobile app, have a look at your competition only to figure out why they have an app. If they have one, you should too – it’s called coping up with the future.

Location, GPS, Motion Sensors & Beyond

Don’t the users feel weird when the calculator app asks for permission to access their location. Well, that’s rightly wrongful but at this point in time, the user’s location can be used to sell any product or service in the market. There is a reason why they are on a mobile app and targeting users on the basis of their demography has been an age-old marketing technique that shall never lose the Midas touch.

IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

These buzzwords are freshly trendy in the tech world and we would definitely see more of these technologies when it comes to mobile applications that keep on improving every passing day. The secret? To make people smarter with technology beside them.

Not only do these state of the art technologies do that, they actually pave the way for future innovation. 2020 is going to bring a plethora of innovation with it and here are some things that we can look forward to in terms of mobile apps and their innovation. Let’s see how it goes!

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