What Do You Need in a 60s Trivia Board Game?

The era of the 60’s has marked history with big events. There’s so much that has happened in the 60’s that has influenced the present. When answering the 60’s trivia, it’s tough to get all your answers correct. 

A trivia board game from the 60’s is a great way to relive the past and brush up on facts from the era. Whether you want to buy it to pass your time or as a gift to your grandparents, check out some essential features. Here, they are:

Facts from the 60’s

Trivia board games are a great entertainment source because they are commonly known to kill boredom and have fun. Besides the entertainment factor, they can also enhance your knowledge and strengthen the thinking power while boosting your memory. A trivia board game from the 60’s should necessarily have questions from the era. 

The 60’s trivia should contain common and not too complicated facts to overstress your brain. The questions should be categorically crafted with common events from the time.

Compatible with Teams

A good trivia board game from websites like BoomAgain should be compatible to play with two or more teams. Since board games are also a way to bond with your family and friends, playing in teams will only add fun. It also uplifts the spirit of the game. While playing in teams, you can get competitive to match up with your opponents. This also boosts your self-confidence that can turn good for the game.

Another plus side to playing in teams is the additional help. For example, you may get stuck with a question, and your teammate might come up with an answer. Playing in teams is always a good way to bond and strengthen interpersonal relationships.


A good trivia board game should be a good mental workout. It should be strategic so that you can plan with your teammates to reach the next level. It’s essential to be wholly engaged in the game with all the mental strength and a competitive spirit so that it doesn’t get dull. Find a game with interesting tokens and trivia related to diverse subjects to keep it enthralling. 

Interesting at Every Level

A trivia board game should be interesting at every level. Imagine if the questions are too intellectual, and only one of your team members is able to answer all the questions. It can hardly be called a game. For this purpose, the 60’s trivia should have questions from every genre, including – sports, movies, music, TV, culture, etc.    

Board games have been everybody’s favorite fun activity to play with the family, friends, or at work with colleagues. Everyone can’t know everything about the same field. If the questions are not from different categories, the game would only become monotonous and boring.

More Lives

It’s also important for the game to have more than one life. For example, if you are playing with all your concentration and you make one silly mistake and end up losing the game, you deserve another chance. 

More lives mean more interest in the game. If there is only one life in the game, you would get too nervous and stressed out in order to not lose, which defies the main purpose of the game, i.e., to have fun. More lives mean longer gameplay and endless entertainment. 

Reminiscing the Era

If you are from the 60’s, you’ve lived the era, and you miss the good old days. You were in love with your time and whatever it had to offer. The present times might be much ahead from before, but nothing compared to the memories of the days gone by. A good trivia board game should be a reminder of those times so that you can revisit it with a smile.

There can be small tokens as hints related to the questions to proceed in the game. These small tokens from the past are not just tokens. They are your memories. They might be something that the present generation might have never seen before, and you can explain to them what these tokens mean. There can also be certain memories attached to each token, and you can discuss them with your friends while playing.

A trivia board game is a fun way to plan a gathering with your friends. A trivia board game from the 60’s can be played with your friends whom you’ve not met in years. Playing online or offline, these board games are a great way to cherish your memories with your buddies.