What is App Store Optimization
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In 2020, mobile app downloads reached 214 billion. This is 51% more than in 2016. These record numbers prove that the smartphone market is gaining momentum every year.

In order not to lose money, you need to follow global trends and expand your business to new digital platforms. If you have already developed a program for smartphones, you need to monitor its effectiveness. This will help ASO optimization with ASO tools.

What is ASO in 2021

App Store Optimization (ASO) – a kind of SEO website promotion for mobile solutions; it is designed to optimize your product page for better visibility in the App Store and Google Play. Asomobile consists of a set of measures to optimize the page of the mobile application in the store. Its main task is to make the maximum download rate. There is a consensus among the majority of marketers that it is almost impossible to achieve successful application promotion without ASO.

One of the main advantages is the so-called organic downloads. This is when people who downloaded the application did it only of their own accord, this will lead to an increase in loyal users. The main key to success in ASO is regularity. This means creating experimental graphic elements, trying new keywords, and making changes to the promotion strategy.

ASO Promotion of Google Play Market and App Store works with the Following Resources:

  • Title (as well as key phrases associated with it);
  • Subtitle (IOS only);
  • Keywords (they should be thought over and used);
  • Short description (android only)
  • Description;
  • Developer;
  • Promotional text (only for IOS);
  • In-app purchases;
  • Icon;
  • Screenshots of the functionality;
  • Video;
  • Reviews and average rating;
  • Specified size;
  • Updates;
  • Localization.

How to Optimize an Application for the Google Play Market

ASO optimization of the Android application includes the following points:

  1. Title. It needs to be unique and understandable. The maximum length is 30 characters. Do not add unnecessary words, the name should describe the purpose. If the name is long, abbreviate it. Avoid spelling mistakes.
  2. Description. When writing your description, focus on your users and the benefits of your solution. Check it out in the Play Store and the web store, the most important part of the description should be at the top.
  3. Category. There are 53 of them in the store for Android. Carefully choose the category in which your product will be.
  4. Icons. The icon should be memorable and reflect its purpose; it should not contain text or screenshots. It is recommended to avoid small items.
  5. Screenshots. Add pictures and screenshots to the page. This is optional but very effective. Show people why they should download your product. You can add a maximum of 8 screenshots. This optimization of Android apps makes them stand out in search results, recommendation lists, and categories.
  6. Promotional video. Take the time and money to create a promo video. In the Google market, you can add videos from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Also, you can upload a video for each language, and for a freeze-frame, select any picture or fragment from the video.
  7. Localization of the page. Prepare a professional translation for your page. Play Market has automatic translation, but it is often incorrect.
  8. Interaction with the user. Store algorithms work with visibility based on a combination of ratings, downloads, views, and more.

Optimization of Android mobile applications will have a positive effect if you also pay attention to the following tips:

  • Make improvements with updates;
  • Invite users to leave ratings and comments;
  • Respond to user emails and solve problems.

Creating an Android app is only part of the job. Think in advance about its optimization in order to ensure the effectiveness of its further promotion.

How can you Optimize the App for the App Store

ASO promotion of mobile applications in the IOS store is carried out according to a similar principle as in Google Play, but with its own nuances.

  1. Name. The maximum length of the name is up to 50 characters, the visible part is cut off to 30 characters. The ranking of yours depends on the literacy of the title.
  2. Description. Write text that clearly describes the functions of your product. Recommended structure: short text, empty paragraph, rest. Avoid a continuous web of words.
  3. Category. There are 25 of them in the App Store.
  4. Icons. Here is a story similar to Android. But it is recommended that you read the guideline and do everything according to the rules.
  5. Screenshots. The maximum number is 5 pieces. Up to 3 screenshots will be displayed in the catalog. Choose the most “delicious” pictures from the functionality.
  6. Promo video. The length is 15-30 seconds. Only available for one localization, so make it universal. For a freeze-frame, select a frame from the video.
  7. Localization of the page. This is also a supported feature here, and we advise you to make quality translations.
  8. Keywords – App Store only. Generate the most accurate phrases. The maximum is 100 characters.
  9. Communication with users. Also, do not forget to encourage users to rate, leave feedback, and quickly respond to their questions and solve problems.

If you want to create an application for IOS, then also prepare in advance for promotion after its placement in the markets.

The Common Mistakes in ASO

  • Mistake 1. Didn’t study search traffic in your niche. It is necessary to investigate the search terms for which users will search. If the number of requests is not enough, consider whether ASO is a priority for you.
  • Mistake 2. Do not pay attention to the tips in the markets. The tips will help you collect search queries that you can follow.
  • Mistake 3. Don’t analyze your competitors. Everything is simple here: analyze your competitors, find the best practices and implement them.
  • Mistake 4. Don’t use additional localizations and don’t make a professional translation. This will allow you to add more search terms and increase the number of Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
  • Mistake 5. Doing everything once and hoping for the top in the SERP. You need to constantly analyze the results and your search queries in order to get to high positions.
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