What is Digital Printing and How does it works?

Digital printing is alternative method for traditional printing such as flexography, lithography, offset printing, letterpress, gravure, and others. It is also cheaper, easier and faster method than traditional printing method. This process eliminates lot of process in traditional method like color proofs, making films, making printing plates, and most prominently manual process of stripping the pieces together. Rex Three Offers all kinds of Digital Printing, Offset Printing etc. Digital printing is nothing but making print from an electronic file. An art, created by computer and directly printed onto the space. In this era world became technical freak and those techniques make people with more convenient and highly effective compared to traditional methods and comes with huge benefits.

How Does it Works?

The printing process of digital printing is different from traditional method, which uses wet ink and to transfer image via printing plates. Digital printing is different by assemble of image with complex set of numbers and formulas as a digital file such as PDF, TIFF, JPG and even many other formats. This printing plays a ideal role, which requires smaller quantities with higher amounts of details. Mostly, in digital printing method process is simple comparative to traditional method where traditional method requires, prepress stages between the document file and final product- prepress method is mandatory in traditional method. In digital printing you don’t need much equipment in process in other hand traditional method need messy equipment, such as Photo chemicals, film plates and more for the process.  

A greater advantage of digital printing is it saves a time, here you only want to upload high-res file of your chosen image and there is no manual method after this process, digital print do the rest.

The digital printing process personalized direct mail marketing. Variable printing is available with this type of digital printing process, allowing for each piece of marketing, whether that be flyer, leaflet or brochure to be unique. In this technical century, this method become as common marketing practice to think of your customers as individuals and personalization is unrivalled when it comes to digital printing.

The digital printing process used to produces higher quality prints from even resolution image. Digital technology allows for less distortion images, due to its non-contact printing process, finish of digital printing is more sharp and precise. Digital printing is more eminent and for this type of printing process is constantly undergoing development. Digital printing is widely adapting and improving, because it is faster and most cost effective, with also other advantages in that digital printing is that it requires fewer man hours, communication and has a higher turn around, here all reasons to continue to develop digital marketing in future. The world is more moving with technical so here it’s easy and faster which equal with growth of techniques.

Note: Digital printing will be cost efficient, and saves time, work can run as much as possible, and it is cheaper, it is faster to set up, and moreover it is ideal for a small printing job.

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