What Is 'The Game Experience 01

Every time a new game is released, there’s always talk about the “experience”. “What is the experience like and how will gamers perceive it?” The word experience has been bandied about so much that there may be confusion about what a game experience is and how it is derived. Does it change from person to person? Can a game developer actively create their own game experience? It may be a good idea to settle on what it means when we say “game experience”. To answer these questions, we must define what a game experience is and how it works.

Some people may be tempted to define game experience as just how it feels to play the game. And while this is true in some regard, the game experience encompasses many more facets than this. When anyone talks about the game experience, what they are really getting at is the entire package surrounding a game. Thus, the game experience is about the game itself, how the community embraces and reacts to it, and its style.

What qualities of a game make for a good experience?

There are several factors which make for a good gaming experience where the game is concerned. The game must first exhibit good gameplay. Gameplay is more important than a good story. Some games like Angry Birds have no real story but it does have satisfying gameplay. A compelling story doesn’t automatically make a game fun. Good gameplay also requires that the game be interactive, allowing the player to immerse themselves in the action. However, what gamers do want is control. They want the best chance of excelling at the game. If the game physics are strange or unreliable, they won’t have as much fun as they should.

However, even though gameplay trumps story, this does not mean that story itself is unimportant. A great story gives players another avenue into the game. It allows them to be immersed in the action in ways the gameplay cannot achieve. A great story helios give greater depth and a deeper feeling of fulfillment.

How is community important?

Community is very important for a great game experience. Gamers don’t want to play in isolation. They also want their friends and other strangers to embrace the game as well. Community is what helps the game acquire its character.  People stream their gameplay or flock to sites like joystickgames.com to discuss the games and its various tips and tricks. A great gaming experience begins and ends with a vibrant community willing to let it become a part of their lives.

How does the game’s style drive the game experience?

The game’s substance is more important than its style, but that doesn’t mean that its style should be neglected. Style helps to make the stories clearer. It is yet another tool to help immerse players. Game style exist almost as a wrapping for all the other elements off the game. They allow the players to get a feel for it and what it’s attempting to convey to them as they play. It gives users that lasting feeling that they then speak about in gaming communities.