What liquid are we talking about?

If it is water, and in small quantities, you have every chance that one of the solutions mentioned below will work. If it’s a full glass of water or, worse yet, alcohol or a sugar-based liquid, drying and cleaning will be even more complicated. In the end, you risk not recovering your equipment in working order. There is a risk that sugar will settle on components and not dry out, unlike water.

What Should be Done Immediately?

First, it is urgent to unplug the computer to cut it off from all power. If it is a laptop, you will also need to remove the battery.

You must then try to limit the damage by sponging up the liquid as much as possible: the absorbent paper will do just fine. In general, it is rather the keyboard on which a liquid is spilt. In this case, spread the absorbent paper over its entire surface. Be sure to pass it between the keys if possible. Using a hairdryer, keeping a reasonable distance and heat can also help. Be careful not to melt the keys!

you can also place your laptop upside-down while the lid is opened so the water can come out through the holes of the keyboard. 

If the liquid has been spilt on the central unit, be careful, an electrical component may still contain electricity, even if the power cable has been disconnected.

You must then open the lid and use the hairdryer. Be careful in this case not to overheat the components which could suffer.

Is Complete Drying Necessary?

Once the central unit or the keyboard have dried, it may be useful to leave the equipment for 24 hours near a radiator. Above all, the equipment must not be in direct contact with a heat source. You should also not attempt to restart your computer before a minimum of 24 hours of drying time.

In specific cases, if it is a laptop, it is also possible to turn it half-open on top of a thick layer of rice. The absorbent properties of rice will allow it to dry even faster.

If after 24 hours of drying your computer still does not restart, it is likely that the motherboard has been affected. In this case, only a repairer can intervene and solve your laptop failure. our partner Geeks Callout have special experts to fix water damage MacBooks or Laptops. If any keys no longer work, you still have the option of changing just the keyboard, even on a laptop.

The safest if you want to keep your computer as long as possible. Do not bring drinks near your computer anymore!