What makes mobile games social?

What makes a game a social game?

Is it considered social gaming if the chat function isn’t used?

Let’s take a look at social features and how they’re implemented into mobile games.

In-Game Chat

To answer the question, a mobile game can be considered a social game if it has in-game chat functions.

An in-game chat is what it sounds like- you can tap the chat space (usually found at the bottom) and a keyboard comes up. You type a message and it’s sent to the public, a team mate or an in-game friend. You also get a conversation bubble at the bottom.

In-game chats eliminate the need for a separate chat app and makes it more convenient for the players. Betting games like UFA350 may not have in-game chat but it’s a game that’s enjoyed by many.

Push Notification

Push notification has been around since the proliferation of mobile apps. They work to notify the user of any activity within the game without having to open the game and wait for it to load.

In social aspects a push notification serves as a gentle reminder on certain actions, such as when you receive a message, a virtual gift or a challenge in-game.

Activity Feeds

If you’ve ever used Facebook or a popular social media network then you know what an Activity Feed is. It’s similar to curated content that’s posted by friends, family or the people you follow.

This social feature allows for easy sharing among friends. You won’t have to do anything else when you win a challenge or complete an achievement- it will automatically show on your friends’ feeds.


Forming a guild is a time-honored way to socialize and be with like-minded gaming enthusiasts.

Guilds are mostly reserved for RPGs but they come in different guises for genres. In a battle royale game, for example the term used is ‘clan’.