What Should Be The Best SEO Checklist For Any Website

Low-quality articles, keyword stuffing, and heavy-duty artificial link building can degrade the performance of your website. For a business to live in the post-Penguin era, or post-Panda has to implement the two key algorithm updates.

To rank, a website now implies following a set of rules, create quality content, and earn superior quality links. To help you effectively optimize a website for the key search engines, we have compiled an extensive page SEO checklist. 

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The Prerequisites of an SEO Checklist

To improve the performance of your website in the search engine page rankings, it is important to follow the below steps:

. Install Google Analytics

To compute SEO, as it is very important for your business, you need to install Google Analytics. It is probably the best analytics tool that you can find on the market free of cost. This tool will assist in grasping and understand valuable data that includes:

  • It helps you compare the amount of traffic a website gets from organic sources or other digital marketing sources
  • What quality of search traffic that a website gets and from which keywords?
  • How well the organic traffic performs in relation to the dollar value
  • How many pages of the site are loading at a slow speed and adversely impact the overall user experience?

To add the Google Analytics tracking code to any website, all it requires is to install the Google Analytics plugin when you are using a CMS such as WordPress. Now add the website to Google Search Console. Setup and Validate Google My Business. Now add the Website to Webmaster Tools feature by Bing. Now install Yoast SEO for WordPress. You can even install Plug-In SEO on Shopify. Now carry out Keyword Research

. Perform Keyword Research

Now the next thing that you will need to do is to perform keyword research. It is considered to be the cornerstone of the entire SEO strategy. This process helps identify the phrases and words for which you would want your website to rank.

Poor keyword research can lead to you not ranking at all. Ranking for the right keywords provides traffic to your site that helps improve its visibility across the web.

Finding the right keywords for your business is not so hard. Fortunately, there is a free keyword research tool called Google Keyword Planner that makes it easier to find the right keywords to rank for. It also assists in discovering keywords that relate to the business and the linked monthly search volumes for such keywords.

. Carry Out Competitive Research

The next thing that a business should do is to find competitive keywords for your business. To do this, you can key in the URL of competitors and find every keyword they rank for as well as the exact page for which they are ranking.

This is a powerful strategy that helps find the keywords that bring traffic to your competitors. SEMRush is one of the widely used tools to perform this task.

Technical SEO Checklist

Technical SEO includes the activities that an SEO professional performs to enhance the indexing and crawlability of the website. It makes it convenient for search engines like Google to read the site, understand its site, and improve the possibilities to rank it higher on the search engines.

  • Keep a track of the page loading speed
  • Enhance the quality of webpages
  • Fix your broken links
  • Make the website mobile responsive
  • Have a proper XML site map
  • Ensure that your website is secured through HTTPS
  • Check the total number of pages that are indexed on a website
  • Add internal links to the page
  • Check internal links regularly
  • Enhance the crawl budget of your website


This is the stepwise ultimate SEO checklist for any website that can help you ensure that you are on the right path. This checklist will surely help improve your website rank above the competing sites. Whether your website is old or new, as long as you follow the above information, it will help you see real-world results.

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