What to do in the World of Warcraft in between character leveling

Gradually, mediocre and constant pumping becomes boring and you want to relax, do something else.

In order to reduce the outflow of players due to the monotony, Blizzard thought out various activities in the game that would help brighten up the leisure of the players and diversify the gameplay.


In the game, in addition to pumping, you can do:

  • The study of professions
  • fishing
  • Cooking
  • archeology
  • Collection of achievements
  • Duels and other PVP activities

The study of professions

In the World of Warcraft, there are various professions. Their role is to diversify the gameplay and create the basis for the extraction and sale of resources that will play a role in the development of the economy on the server.

Professions are collective and creative.


  • Collection of herbs
  • Skinning
  • Fishing
  • Mining


  • blacksmith craft
  • Leatherworking
  • Tailoring
  • Alchemy
  • jewelry
  • cooking

All professions are interconnected, and for complete success in creating, you need to have a pumped and collective one, otherwise you simply won’t have enough resources to achieve a high level of skill.

Professions are combined as follows:

Mining – suitable for a blacksmith and a jeweler, Mined ore and gems serve as minerals for creating armor and jewelry with enhanced parameters.

Skinning – suitable for tanners. The profession creates light armor, which is needed by all classes with the agility parameter.

Collecting herbs – suitable for alchemists and does not have a clear reference to the class. The alchemist creates various offensive and defensive potions that help all players without exception, and a player who has mastered the profession will either provide himself and his allies with useful potions, or supply them to the server’s marketplace and be able to earn good money.

It should also be remembered that the economy works in such a way that WoW gold can be earned literally in everything, especially in professions. By choosing a good link between the miner and the crafter, you can provide a good income for your character and either sell the finished product or sell the extracted resources. Gold mining has also always been an interesting activity in World of Warcraft.


Suitable for all lovers of fishing, combined with cooking. Both of these professions do not have restrictions on learning like the rest. The player explores fishing as a way to get new resources and an opportunity to take a break from killing monsters and endless raids.


Suitable for all characters, it is closely related to fishing, since caught fish often serves as one of the sources of recipes for cooking. Ready meals will temporarily increase the character’s parameters. The higher the cooking skill, the stronger the effects will be and the longer they will strengthen the player.


It is an interesting activity in World of Warcraft. Aimed at a better understanding of the players of the history of the continents. It is an independent profession and is available to all characters without exception. Finding artifact and excavation zones is not difficult – they are marked with a shovel icon on the map.


To better understand the game world and get closer to its full development in the world of WoW, there are achievements. These are separate tasks not related to the quest system. During the game, the character will perform actions and gradually unlock more and more difficult achievements. Some of them will not be easy to get due to non-obviousness, some will open only after completing the legendary raids.

Achievements will give the player unique power-ups, mounts and other nice effects, and are also a pleasant activity. By looking at your list of achievements, you can easily track the outstanding ones and go for implementation.

Duels and other PVP activities

What could be better after leveling than selling the acquired equipment in battles with other players, and there are many ways in WoW.

You can challenge to a duel and measure your strength with allies, try out your skills.

He will go to the arena and fight with opponents for special arena coins, for which you can buy combat equipment with PVP enhancements.

Fly to hunting zones and attack representatives of the opposing faction.

He will go to the battlefield for the ownership of lands for his faction with other players.

Everything related to PVP activities, except for duels, since they are purely entertaining, are awarded with special coins.

Players who prefer a good fight over hour-long raids should take a look at them. Having accumulated enough coins, they can be exchanged for enhanced equipment and weapons with PVP characteristics for better hunting for other players and battles with the enemy faction.