What To Thoughtful About When Organizing A Mini Wedding

A micro wedding is…

For couples who aren’t sure they want a traditional white wedding, micro weddings have long been an option for a less formal and more intimate ceremony. The typical number of guests at these events is between 20 and 30 rather than the 82 at a regular wedding in the UK, and the festivities tend to be shorter as well. No two micro weddings are ever the same, and that’s part of their charm. How lengthy, brief, formal, informal, or unconventional the couple’s celebrations are is entirely up to them. Micro weddings (and its adaptability) may be here to stay, given that more and more couples are looking for unique ways to celebrate their nuptials.

“I genuinely adore the concept of a micro wedding,” Rebecca Kobus of Rebecca K. Events said, adding that she has been recommending the idea to all of her clients even after the regulations have been relaxed. If my customers have decided to move their wedding to 2021 but still want to have a legally binding ceremony this year, I’ve been urging them to think about turning it into a mini-celebration! Looking back, they will be grateful that they made an effort to make it memorable despite the peculiarity of our day. If you add some more candles and flowers to a space like the music room at 10-11 Carlton House Terrace, it can be converted into an exquisite, unforgettable environment.

One of the most significant logistical benefits of a mini wedding is the reduced number of guests. With that additional cash, you could treat yourself to a gourmet dinner with finer meats, more interesting sides, and maybe even some nicer champagne than you could buy elsewhere! The London-based caterers Searcys have been serving weddings for more than 148 years. “One of the highlights of your wedding day should be the first meal shared together with friends and family,” said Rodney Payne, their regional director, adding that it’s only natural to want to remember every detail of the big day. A micro wedding is a one-of-a-kind chance to showcase your individuality and creativity via the food and décor. Because there is a lot more leeway to create the three-, four-, or five-course feast of your dreams when you’re serving fifteen people rather than one hundred. Choose a cuisine that has sentimental value to the two of you, make a menu that visitors may order from, and think of creative ways to surprise them, like giving them miniature champagne bottles to share in the first toast. The classic wedding breakfast is just waiting to be personalized in an infinite number of ways.

Things to Think About When Arranging a Small Wedding

Microweddings appear to be all the rage this year, even if guest count restrictions are likely to remain in place for the time being. However, there is less of a guide for couples who would like direction when they plan their wedding than there would be for a more conventional ceremony and reception. Therefore, we’d like to provide the wedding planning knowledge of our in-house staff and go over some of the most important factors for any couple thinking about having a small wedding.


A more intimate party necessitates inviting fewer people, which in turn may force you to make some difficult choices. When you divide the maximum number of guests allowed at a wedding by the bride and groom, the number of visitors may not seem like much—right? The current limit is 15. We hope that your officiant is no longer included in that number, but please don’t invite anyone beyond your immediate family and closest friends. Think on who you would be incomplete without on your wedding day and give them top priority, whether they are your parents, grandparents, siblings, or closest friends.


Because of the reduced budget and the venues’ increased flexibility, one of the best things about a tiny wedding is the abundance of possibilities for interesting and unusual locations. If you’re planning on having a smaller wedding, you have more leeway to celebrate at your favorite eatery, have the ceremony in the park, or treat yourself to a more extravagant venue than you would have been able to afford with a larger guest list. Our Georgian mansion features stunning, high-end wedding venues that can transform any event into a fairytale. Above all else, make sure the venue is one you’ll savor every moment of because it will determine the significance of the day.


When planning the details of your micro-wedding, you can (essentially) wing it. It is entirely up to you to decide how to handle things, other from having the ceremony and getting the legal stuff taken care of. One option is to have breakfast with guests before the ceremony, another is to have a seated drinks reception in the afternoon before the ceremony at dusk, and still another is to spend the day after the wedding having supper with loved ones. It is up to you and your spouse to determine whether or not to incorporate traditional elements, such as cutting the cake or seeing each other before meeting at the altar. The main idea is that you can plan an unforgettable, thrilling day together according to your own preferences.


One of the things you may consider essential for your mini wedding is the presence of a photographer. You can relax and enjoy yourself while they take care of the photography so you can focus on making memories. We highly recommend having a photographer present during the day to record all the activity, as the photographer is not considered a guest according to the latest government requirements. Another option is to provide each guest with a disposable camera (or two!) and encourage them to capture images during the festivities if you simply cannot afford one. You might find that the photographs your guests take hold more significance when you consider them in20,40, or 60 years from now.

Adding Character

The finest part of a little wedding?If you are planning to do small wedding know micro wedding ideas to make your day perfect. You should be able to personalize every element to make it memorable and special because you’re among your closest loved ones. Think about what makes you happy so you can stop worrying about pleasing other people and start doing what makes you happy. It may be as simple as providing each visitor with a handmade token, as involved as having the meal prepared using your preferred cuisine, or as involved as playing alternative music that you enjoy all day long.