What You Need To Know After Suffering From A TBI In Las Vegas

Did someone else’s carelessness cause your traumatic brain injury (TBI)? You can not afford to ignore the problem while the expenses pile up, the agony persists, and your income is cut.  Contact a brain injury attorney in Las Vegas if you need assistance.

Lifelong Consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury

Every year, over 280,000 people are hospitalized after suffering a TBI. About 50,000 of them do not make it because of their wounds. Between eighty and ninety thousand people yearly get serious enough head injuries to render them permanently incapacitated. The after-effects of a head injury may persist indefinitely for some people.

Surviving a traumatic brain injury can leave victims with significant medical expenses.  Your savings will be quickly depleted by the costs of your continued medical care, prescription drugs, in-home care, physical and occupational therapy, and time away from work.

Medical and burial expenses are a daily reminder of your grief if a loved one dies due to a brain injury. The financial burden might rapidly become crushing if he or she was a primary breadwinner for the family.

You should not have to foot the bill for someone else’s carelessness. While money can not undo what is happened to you or make you whole again, it can help with the costs of living with a disability for the rest of your life.

Consequences of Brain Injury over Time

TBI can be caused by a single traumatic event or numerous minor ones that go unnoticed. Immediately following your accident, you may have experienced dizziness, discomfort at the injury site, visual problems, or a bewildered feeling. However, when these symptoms worsen or persist, it is necessary to see a lawyer. Your injuries and potential long-term disabilities may be worse than you thought.

The after-effects of a traumatic brain injury can be more noticeable in some cases. They could be things like:

  • Confused memory
  • Absence of Reason
  • Having your sense of sight, hearing, or speech taken away
  • Extreme mental disruptions
  • Extreme pain
  • Disorders of motor function

Do not Give Up Your Brain Injury Compensation Rights By Signing a Waiver.

Unfortunately, insurance firms frequently take advantage of people who have sustained head injuries before they have had a chance to thoroughly process the gravity of their situation. Do not give in to their schemes just because the settlement money they offer seems like a lot, and getting paid quickly would be a massive help to your family’s finances.

If you accept a settlement offer before you completely understand the extent of your injuries, you may be waiving your ability to pursue more compensation later on. And if your health worsens, you have no recourse against the insurer or anybody else who is at fault.