Google I/O
Google I/O

Every year, Google and several teams of developers meet in San Francisco to discuss technical and in-depth session details about all of our favorite things: the web, Android, Chrome, Chrome OS, Google APIs, Google Web Toolkits, App Engines and more.

Through the 2016 Google I/O event, several official Google announcements were made, including:

  • A new and improved Google Assistant (like Cortana or Siri)
  • Google Home (a wireless speaker with voice command like Amazon Echo)
  • Allo and Duo
  • Daydream (a new VR platform)
  • Android Wear 2.0
  • Android Instant Apps (use apps without physically installing them)
  • Google Play on Chrome (you can run apps directly on Chrome)
  • Android N (the “next version of Android”)
  • Firebase (a notification platform)

With this being said, Google released a blog yesterday highlighting several things that you probably missed from Google I/O in all of the excitement from the event (beyond the keynotes):

Google Hosted an I/O for Youth

Before Google I/O began, Google hosted I/O Youth. 120 California students got to try storytelling, designing, and coding, according to Google. They heard some inspiring speakers and hopefully will use this inspiration to change the ways we look at the web.

The Goal of this I/O was to Make Learning Machines Even Smarter

Blogger Sundar highlighted the importance of AI but failed to mention that A.I. is beginning to understand speaking patterns (because more and more people are using voice and microphone capabilities from their smartphones).

Google Continues to Try and Bridge the Gap Between What’s Physical and What’s Digital

The ATAP team took center stage to highlight just how interactive everything is going to be. They published a piece called “Pearl,” in an interactive 360-degree view. It showed how interactive the world will be, with Levi Commuter Jackets, Jacquard Interactive Fabrics. They also mentioned phones customized for your unique style and functions.

Soon, Everyone Will Get to Go to I/O in San Francisco

In the past, only a few people got to go to I/O. This year, over 7,000 people attended; with many people coming from various sectors of the population.

Google has Started Developing “Custom Machine Learning Hardware”

Development of the tensor processing unit (called the TPU) has started that is already at least 10 times more efficient than traditional computer chips.

Google Play Music Will Soon Help You Discover More Music

Google now hopes to introduce a Google Play Connections Wall to help listeners find songs from their favorite and other similar artists, powered by Knowledge Graph.

Android Pay is Becoming More Popular Than You Probably Thought

Google announced that businesses in London will start accepting Android Pay on the tube, bus, and rail, according to Google Blog. Bank of America customers can use their phones to withdraw money starting as early as June in the US.

All of Your Favorite Google Apps Will Be on VR

Google says that all apps for VR will be available in 360-degree viewing. This means Play Movies, Street View, and even Google Photos and YouTube. Look forward to YouTube VR to give you a great view of the world sometime later this year.

Welcoming Your Favorite Android Apps on a Chromebook Near You

Chromebooks are now the 2nd most popular operating system in the United States, and now you’ll be able to use your favorite Android apps on them!